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to Mr Latz on 19 April 2018

Just had my first cam show with Mr. Latz.

What a great, personable, nice man. We talked the whole time he flexed and the show did not seem rushed.

As he was showing off his muscles, he'd ask me what my favorite ones were and then would flex them for me. I'm an arm guy, so he had a lot to show off.

His body is well balanced and has great symmetry.

I'll definitely be back for another show.

to Giovanni Flex on 25 March 2018

Had a meet up with Travis a few weeks ago. He looks just like his photos, but a bit more pumped in person. His best features are his pecs and arms.

We had a great time. He flexed and I worshiped him. He got into it. He then gave me an outstanding massage which ended with me blowing my load.

Will definitely get back together with him.

to Big Kenny on 4 November 2017

Met up with Kenny today for a split massage/worship session. 45 min massage was awesome. He's got great hands and I told him to not hold back. He worked my back and shoulders over until they ached. Worship was great as well. He's all muscle and loves to show off.

to daniel carter on 15 September 2017

Just had another awesome cam show with Daniel. The kid is looking incredible, as always.

Even though we had not had a cam show together in quite a while, he remembered what I liked and gave it to me, start to finish.

We also talked about other things, his exercise routine, what's up, and general stuff, but he was always flexing or looking me right in the eye asking if I could see everything okay. Most guys are not like this. This is what makes Daniel the best guy on the site, in my opinion.

He is genuinely a nice guy and respects the guys he is doing shows for. For this alone, I will always come back to him first.

to daniel carter on 23 September 2016

Just had another awesome cam show with Dan.

He's looking leaner, but still weighs 195ish. He carries the weight really well. Mostly in his arms, chest, and massive legs.

He exudes the positive attitude and maturity which makes him a great entertainer. He's also a great conversationalist and we talked for a few minutes after the show was over.

Always grateful when accepts my request for a show.

daniel carter replied...
much appreciated. love chatting with ya man;)

to daniel carter on 3 May 2016

Just finished another show.

Wow!.. He is getting ready for a contest in the next few weeks, but I'm sure he'd win if he competed today.

Low body fat, striations, pumped arms, & wide back.

He is unbelievably nice and such a great guy to just talk to. Very personable and open to just chatting.

Catch him for a show, definitely worth it.

daniel carter replied...
idk who this is but im so glad you enjoyed! thank you for the kind review also! message me so I can thank you bud!

to daniel carter on 9 April 2016

Just rec'd a custom video from Dan. Prior to him making the video, he asked what I wanted. I gave him some ideas.

Wow, did he deliver. I could tell from the start, he was into giving me what I asked for and not a canned routine. It made the video personal and much more enjoyable to watch.

He moved about his place, different lighting, different angles, and a couple unique poses. Well worth the money and I'm very grateful he took the time to make it for me.

He's in awesome shape and enjoys flexing and showing off. I'd highly recommend requesting a video from him.

daniel carter replied...
Message me I want to thank you for the review:)

to daniel carter on 10 March 2016

Just finished a show with Dan. Even though it was only 10 minutes, he did a great job.

He is very friendly, chatted while flexing, asked me what I liked and wanted to see (his arms naturally).

He enjoyed showing off his body, made me feel comfortable, and just went to town.

Body of a god, 18 inch arms, tree trunk legs, and one solid ass.

will be back for another show or maybe have him do a video for me....

daniel carter replied...
thank you for the positivity! :)

to AnthonyFlex on 8 March 2016

Just had a cam show. Great time. We chatted and he flexed. He loves to show you his body and talk about his progress and where he is headed.

This is cool, because most guys are like 'show me the money' and then go thru some robotic routine. Not Alex, he kept me engaged, asked what I wanted to see, what I liked, what did I think needed some work (not much :) )

Also, not a clock watcher.

to Travis on 26 November 2015

Sent him a Skype invite 2 weeks ago. No response. Not sure if he is busy or not looking to do shows or meet up?

Travis replied...
Yess i have been dealing and busy with a lot at the time

to Alex on 17 October 2014

Just had my first show the big guy.


Asked me what I wanted to see and proceeded to knock my socks off by showing me exactly what I had asked for.

Great body, great attitude, great person.

we chatted for a few minutes and he is very personable.

Alex replied...
Thanks so much!! Im glad u enjoyed it! :)

to frazermusclegod on 12 May 2014

Had an awesome show with Nick a few nights ago, and as usual, he put on a show that would win any competition, even though he thinks he is not ready for them.

Arms, chest, and back are out of this world.

I can't wait to have a show with him when he thinks he is ready for a contest - it will be a site to see.

frazermusclegod replied...
Thanks, update required :) ha!

to RimondMuscleArt on 21 April 2014

had a show last night and had a great time. RimondMuscleArt was very generous and asked what I wanted to see and delivered. all muscle, but very modest.

to musclebeach on 27 August 2013

He is one great guy to do a show with. Very personable and will do just about anything you ask him to do. We always have a lot of fun.

to frazermusclegod on 7 August 2013

another show with Nick and another good time. He's getting shredded. catch him now and be impressed.

frazermusclegod replied...
Thanks, been a while get in touch on skype/email!

to AlphaMuscles on 1 August 2013

Alpha is getting into contest shape. I had a show with him a few days ago. WOW!! get him while he's hot.

AlphaMuscles replied...
Glad you liked it man!

to frazermusclegod on 25 July 2013

just had my second cam show with Nick - he puts on a great show. very muscular and modest. Loves to show off but not an ounce of ego. loves to please and has a great smile and laugh. get him now while it is hot in London and watch him sweat...

frazermusclegod replied...

to frazermusclegod on 23 June 2013

had a cam show a few nights ago. Awesome show - nothing but muscle and very willing to show it off. also very personable and chatted during the whole show.

frazermusclegod replied...

Master AP

Lean and mean. Keep up the good work.

2 December 2019

Mr Latz

You're looking good. Great Bicep shot.

2 December 2019

Mr Latz

Looking good buddy, keep it up.

2 December 2019


One of the best pics I've seen in a while. Keep up the good work.

20 April 2019

Peter Russell

Wow! would like to see them in person one day.

20 April 2019

Master AP

Looking good buddy.

20 April 2019

daniel carter

That the best you can do little man. LOL.

1 December 2017

Beautiful Keith

Looking good big guy

1 December 2017

Big Kenny


1 December 2017

Big Kenny

Looking good buddy.

1 December 2017




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