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to Dominick Dominant on 16 July 2020

An amazing guy with an amazing sexy physique and handsome face. Easy to talk to and to plan for a show. With reasonable rates and was even generous enough to give me some extra minutes! Try him out and he's a nice guy as well!

Dominick Dominant replied...
Grateful to have loyal customers like you Zane!

to Operator93 on 5 June 2020

Amazing looking guy, amazing physique and very handsome too! Friendly and his shows are affordable. Definitely check him out for sure!

Operator93 replied...
Thank you!

to Harry on 22 January 2020

Amazing guy and very handsome too! With a perfect physique and friendly to talk to. Definitely worth it when you do a show with him! :)

to Aaron Jay on 24 July 2019

An amazing guy and easy to talk to. Generous with the time and his physique is ripped, lean and muscular!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much, looking forward to our next show!

to Redneckmuscle on 1 June 2019

An amazing guy! Very friendly and looks perfect on camera!

to Tatted Athlete on 5 August 2018

An amazing guy, very cooperative, friendly and easy to talk to. Perfect physique and very handsome as well which is a big plus!

to AlphaJ0n on 22 January 2018

Amazing looking guy in every way and easy to talk to. Definitely recommended!

to Big Kenny on 20 May 2017

very goodlooking, amazing physique and so friendly and accommodating as well!

to SexySpartan616 on 5 December 2016

This guy is just beyond amazing. Perfect good looks and amazing body. And yeah, he definitely knows how to please

SexySpartan616 replied...
Thankyou, means so much!

to Jason Genesis on 13 July 2016

Amazing guy, really easy to deal with, generous with the time, and of course he looks amazing! Very handsome with a perfectly proportioned body and knows how to tease as well, if you're into that :) But one of the best things about his camshows is how clear and high-def his webcam is. Really makes you appreciate the image quality, and his body of course :)



Natural Athletics

27 y/o

166cm (5'5")

83kg (183 lbs)