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to Mason on 7 May 2021

Got my first custom from this guy and it was amazing. He definitely over delivered and left me wanting a lot more.

to AestheticsBoy on 3 March 2020

I just got an amazing custom vid.

He pays attention to detail and did not disappoint!

to Riley Jackson on 29 February 2020

As the previous 5 Star reviews have said before me, this guy is a pro.

Just got my first custom from him and it was above and beyond. I’ll definitely be back.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man I appreciate it!! I'm glad you liked it and I'm always down for more fun vids!

to Tyson Carter on 27 February 2020

I write this after just watching the custom vid Tyson sent over, and wow.

Not only did he go above and beyond, he also was extremely professional and collaborating with him to get the vid just right was truly awesome and easy going.

I can’t recommend him enough. He’s your guy for RP definitely.

to Caleb on 27 February 2020

I can’t believe I’m just getting to this now, sorry man.

Caleb did a custom vid for me last year and it was amazing. He’s a great actor and really gets into the story you propose. Could recommend this guy enough.



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18 y/o

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Hot stud,doing Customs and Camshows Don t be shy,hit me up

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Juicy Jake

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Riley Jackson

Under this world class body is a dirty mind

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Timothy Addleman

6'7 Cocky Hunk

23 y/o

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Caleb / Scrappy

25 y/o

169cm (5'7")

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Tyson Carter

A young, tatted up stud with a southern accent. Plenty of experience dominating my guys and makin em weak for more!

22 y/o

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Physique , bodybuilder , teenager, shredded , young ,

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