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Ready to worship me?
Posted on 17 November 2017


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OMFG!! I am so ready to get on my knees and submit to your muscle power! Everything is flexed to perfection here!

in2muslmen [14330] on 28 November 2020

HOT! I LOVE this view! Domination by flexing your hot muscles...WOOF!

Samson_02115 [186] on 2 November 2020


HugehotPecs [9] on 2 September 2020

my favorite bodybuilder ever. you are really cool

jaykopJ [9] on 3 February 2020

I am always at your service Sir !!!

Admirador [69] on 12 January 2020

Incredible Musclegod!

Jay Hi5 [373] on 4 October 2019

what amazing hulk

chef [27839] on 22 June 2019

looking down at you guys ;)

Muscular Titan 4 March 2018

This is exactly how YOU should be viewed; from below. YOU are GOD.

ipay4being [320] on 9 February 2018

Utter Perfection. From the huge size, the absolute symmetry, ripped vascularity and aesthetically balanced mass all combined with his unique individual muscles shape

pheaton [1] on 17 November 2017


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