24, 182cm (6'0"), 102kg (224 lbs)

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About me

I am available for shows/videos and meet ups

Contact Info:
Email: Alexboons21@gmail.com
Skype: Alexguy72@yahoo.com


from Austin Muscle Fan [16] on 21 January 2020

Worth every penny! If you're reading this and don't have a video or show from Alex yet, you're doing something very wrong. Incredibly easy to work with. I asked for a premade non-nude video and a nude alpha/dom video in a recent conversation -- I had the premade by the end of the conversation and the custom video the next day. The only delay was getting it in the afternoon instead of the morning, but he messaged me beforehand explaining he wanted to do the video after the gym. Definitely worth the wait -- he looks even better than his pics!

from atrbg20 [230] on 17 December 2019

Ordered a custom video from Alex a couple days ago, and though there was a very small delay he was great at updating me. He's professional, a good communicator, and capital-m Massive - the total package here on TBF. It seems like you can get two out of three at best sometimes, but then someone like Alex stomps in and proves that assumption wrong.

I greatly enjoyed the video he made for me. Definitely recommend. Fantastic and Giant Stud!

AlexBoons21 replied...
Thanks A! Had a easy going transaction with you, appreciate it!

from GooDFeLLoW408 [65] on 13 December 2019

For anyone reading through these reviews trying to make a decision, if you read the 1 star review from the dude below me, just click on his name first so you can see his profile. He leaves only 1 star reviews on almost everybody! And they are mostly for models he didn't even get shows with. Ridiculous. You can't demand someone give you a "deal" and then leave a negative review for not getting a deal. Get off this site bro; your reviews are meaningless. Especially since I've worked with AlexBoons for so long and he's never given me nor anyone else problems. So I'm just leaving another awesome review due to the several shows I've gotten without reviewing.

AlexBoons21 replied...
It’s very annoying to deal with people like that individual. Thanks for speaking the truth.

from GooDFeLLoW408 [65] on 13 December 2019

You have got to check out big Alex here. I've gotten a couple more shows from him over the last few weeks, and they were fukn amazing. He is really easy is to work with... we always get started with a show in less than 10 minutes after first bringing it up. It goes without saying that he looks amazing; honestly can't get enough!!

AlexBoons21 replied...
Thank you bro:)

from TillXXX [511] on 5 December 2019

I knew I should have never added him on Skype. I thought he would do something for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Like have a special on cam shows and videos. He laughed about it and said no. Then he randomly messaged me and asks if I want anything. First I wouldn't even bother and he wasn't open to payment options either. Pretty sure I am not missing anything.

AlexBoons21 replied...
So you’re upset I wasn’t having a “deal”? Thanks for abusing the review system.

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Age 24
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 102kg (224 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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