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very friendly guy!! but massive and horny like a beast! BODYBUILDER!!

26, 163cm (5'4"), 90kg (198 lbs)

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from RBJ89 [1315] on 26 March 2020

I've ordered 2 custom videos from Alex and they're both great! He was extremely patient and kind to me throughout the process (I'm not the smartest with technology) when a lot of other guys would have lost their cool with me. I can't recommend him enough!

AlexHunk replied...
glad u liked them! ...i always put alot of effort and try to do my best in every video i make :D

from debonaire1978 [910] on 4 January 2020

I've ordered five custom videos from him. Each video is better than the last. He really goes all out to deliver a quality product that is exactly what I asked for and more. The transactions were smooth. He's easy and great to talk to. You won't regret ordering a video from him!

from heikom77 [168] on 16 December 2019

have order 2 custom videos- all what i want he do in the clip and very good. i wish him nice xmas time

AlexHunk replied...
merry christmas to u too :)

from coolio00 [605] on 23 November 2019

Great videos, delivered very promptly and a good guy to talk to

from kchugger [1180] on 18 May 2019

I can't believe what I'm reading. Alex has been amaaaaazing and is the best shape! He has always been very kind and friendly and accomodating. He has provided videos quickly and priced great. I will be happy to do busy with Alex over and over again.....Thanks Alex!

AlexHunk replied...
thanks man i apreciate!...truth is that those guys with bad reviews didnt even really paid for anything

from requiemforjen [5] on 23 December 2018

Total scam artist. Requested a 10 minute show, sent him money through Circle (which should have been red flag #1, in retrospect) and all of a sudden he stops replying on Skype. It's been 48 hours, haven't heard a thing.

Do not give him money under any circumstance.

from mmari [80] on 19 August 2017

Ridiculously high price and very impolite behavior

AlexHunk replied...
well u wanted 1 hour of show for 10 $ ridiculously high price cuz i asked more? lol wtf is wrong with u ?...stupid

from mslover [135] on 21 April 2017

He said he would promise a show and I paid him and I waited for almost and hour for him to come back and ai still got nothing. Be careful, he will scam you and give nothing in return. Mark my words

AlexHunk replied...
u wanted to see me fucking a girl u paid me i sent u a video with me fucking a girl wtf else u want? end of story

from matters26 [26] on 5 February 2017

Always a good time to be with! hot and charming, will do more shows for sure in the future

from jonjon [340] on 7 April 2015

Had a great show with him. Really friendly guy, very accomodating and amazing body! Tell him what you like and he will make sure you are happy!

from paul duchai [490] on 13 February 2015

Hey has been only a week and I had to see my boy muscled beast again. It was so amazing his flexing, ripped, muscle,through out his physique. That cocky smile as he devours ones admiration and appreciation for the hard dedication from the gym and tons of IRON pushed to have created a moving marble muscled breathing musclegod. Non-stop poses and he will please each and every client he comes in contact with. To watch as his sweat rolled over his striated pecs was heaven sent. Friends do not delay and try one time to visit and get the passion from the beast in sharing his physique with you.......10+++++++++++++++++

from paul duchai [490] on 10 February 2015

Hello musclelovers. I rediscovered Alex tonight and must say WOW. At present he shows extreme ripped muscle with veins of snakes across the forearms quads and biceps with the most muscular flex to see. The more you motivate Alex to show off the more he wants to give the best poses from all angles. Striated muscle across his pecs upper and lower muscle separation through his amazing delts all at 86 kilos of hard pumped muscles. Laid back awesome personality that wants to give the best to his customers that are totally into real muscles. I recommend ALEX a passionate dedicated bodybuilder wanting to become the best to all his new muscle fans....10+++++

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 8 February 2015

An AMAZING muscled worship show from AlexHunk. Easy going individual who puts one at rest to enjoy his awesome physique. He tops his muscle posing off with his muscular poses.

from Drifty [36] on 18 January 2015

Alex is sweet, very accommodating and has a sexy, muscular body. I definitely would recommend him.

AlexHunk replied...
thanks :*

from jeni [291] on 5 August 2014

Crazy sexy, amazing body (incredibly ripped, shoulders down) and efficient. Ready to go as soon as I added him! High recommendation .

AlexHunk replied...
thank u :*

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Age 26
Height 163cm (5'4")
Weight 90kg (198 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Other
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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