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I love new acquaintances and communication

31, 172cm (5'8"), 87kg (191 lbs)

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from Fzpanda [635] on 12 February 2019

He somehow doesn’t look as big as in his profile pictures. But Seems to be a nice guy and eager to please.

from TomHansen [40] on 24 January 2019

Great show in the uniform and boots!

from MikesBigArms [1472] on 24 January 2019

I've had the pleasure of doing business with this "Muscle-bound Beast" I have purchased a custom videos, and done several shows with him. He is reliable, and delivers his videos quickly. This very muscular guy is also and gentleman, that is polite and very friendly. He's one of the nicest guys out there, and his posing is outstanding. Alex really knows how put you over the edge. He has a powerful physique, and really knows how to show it off. He will also get naked on cam or in a custom video. Every web cam show gets better than the last one. I highly recommend this Young Muscle God. I rate him *****5 Stars

from alain6901 [1689] on 17 January 2019

I just bought a custom video and everything was perfect.
Alex is a really honest and easy to work with guy.
He did absolutely everything I asked for.
I really ejoyed the video.

AlexTopaz replied...
Thank you for liking my cam shows and videos! You are my fans, I love you, waiting for more orders

from DoonB [2818] on 16 January 2019

Really easy guy to work with, looking leaner than before. Great biceps and horseshoe triceps that really fill a sleeve!

from Muscularryan [776] on 15 December 2018

I love this guy. His body is so huge and his biceps are the best shape. Love every inch of him. Very handsome and he is so good to deal with on cost. I love dealing with him.

from hypnopowerman [615] on 10 December 2018

Great experience working with Alex on custom role play video. Very professional and honest guy. Highly recommended!

from DeputyDawg [435] on 25 November 2018

All the reviews are accurate.

Alex is amazing. Not just a great body.

Super nice guy as well. Very outgoing. He loves to flex his body and it shows.

I very much enjoyed the show and look forward to more.

from TheEternalLegend [639] on 24 November 2018

I got my first video from Alex, and I must say, he is very creative. I loved the role playing, the body, the moves, he just has it all. Friendly and very easy to work with. Thank you!

from DoonB [2818] on 24 November 2018

Bought several videos from him. He is a nice guy to deal with and as a professional stripper he knows the moves and has the costumes to match! If you want some role play then he’s a good guy to buy from.

from brouny12 [340] on 24 November 2018

wow, such a nice guy, does an awesome show with different fun things in it, makes it really interesting, and has the muscle to back it up, great video!!!! I'll buy from him, he is great to talk with!

from djmuscleflex [13855] on 21 November 2018

Alex is pure heaven on this site. Received my 1st video and all I can say is that he has an extremely well built body and that face and those eyes. He is smiling for most of the video and he held his poses so you can admire his body. He was extremely easy to deal with. You can tell that he absolutely LOVES to show off. When he stares into the camera, his eyes feel like they penetrate you and they say, he look at my body and admire what I have done with it. He is very engaged in his video !!!! You will not be disappointed in this man !!!!! HIghly recommend !!!!!!!

from KavanS [136] on 18 November 2018

This guys is amazing. He is pure cockyness when he poses, I love this guy, he grunts, he is proud when he poses, he is the essence of bodybuilder...he knows how to satisfy you :)

AlexTopaz replied...
Thanks you

from MikesBigArms [1472] on 14 November 2018

One final note: Alex is not shy, and he's is very comfortable masturbating on camera. The other day (in a cam show) he fucked 2 girls. They loved it, and so did I. Alex is very engaged on camera, and loves showing off every part of his body. Guy's, you have to check him out. Alex is a burning hot man !!!! See for yourself.

AlexTopaz replied...
Thanks you

from MikesBigArms [1472] on 14 November 2018

OMG !!!! This guy is insanely muscular, his bicep peaks are huge and look like baseball balls. I've had cam shows and bought several videos from Alex. He is easy to do business with, and he delivers videos promptly. He likes to brag about his huge body, and he has an great way of making you feel comfortable. I can't wait to do another show with him. I highly recommend him to everyone. He's an honest man, and really appreciates any type of support. I rate Alex *****5 Stars

AlexTopaz replied...
I am waiting for more orders from you guys! Thank you for the fact that you love my body and my show!

from Muscularryan [776] on 11 November 2018

This guy is insanely muscled his bicep peaks are huge and like baseballs. He loves to flex for anyone and loves to show off his huge body. I can’t wait to get more shows with him. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is fair and honest

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Age 31
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 87kg (191 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Grey
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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