26 years old stud

26, 180cm (5'11"), 96kg (211 lbs)

Bucharest, Romania

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26 years old stud


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About me

First time walked in the gym at the age of 14. Since then i got addicted to it. Love the feeling of pumped muscles, to get stronger, to look in the mirror and become a better man. Hard work pays off.
Ive built huge quads, big round biceps peak, wide chest, super estetic abs, incredible back and i like to show all of that!

I do custom videos, custom shows, pics.(any fetish or fantasy)

Skype: angelino_boy

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Bucharest, Romania.


from alain6901 [6590] on 12 April 2021

My man!

I have to post this review to celebrate our 3 months ;)
But I’ll keep it short, I promise.
3 months, 33 videos.
I don’t need to say more.
You are all I need and I am addicted to your videos.
You are perfect from face to feet and I love to watch you show off.
Let’s make the collection bigger and bigger.
But most of all, let’s develop and grow what we share.


(This review was written on 9th April ‘21)

from alain6901 [6590] on 3 April 2021

My Stefan,

You know how much I love writing reviews for you.
Actually it makes me vibe to do it.
Because your videos bring me pure happiness.
That's why I am happy to add a new one to your profile.
The collection is growing, and our special connection is growing too.
And like I already told you, you are all I need and all I want.

I am so lucky to watch you flex and show off on video so often.
The way you do it for me is total pleasure.
And I watch your videos over and over again.
I already watched videos #30 and #31 3 times ;)
I never get bored. I never get enough.
The collection is going to get so big that it will hit a record for both of us.
It already is a record. But I want more, more, more.

Your shape is unbelievable.
You built every detail of your body so perfectly.
You have reached perfection in proportions, mass, symmetry and aesthetics.
You have muscle control that I never saw in anyone else.
And unlike many, you show off your flawless muscles in a very natural way.
Very masculine, very confident but never arrogant.
Actually you are the opposite.
This is why no one can compare to you.

On top of your amazing physique, you are so special.
Smart, bright, genuine, generous and much much more but I keep it between us.

I can't wait to get videos #32 and #33 and more.
Because you love making them and I love watching you show off.
Don't change anything.
You are not only perfect, you are perfect for me.


AngelinoBoy replied...
Thank you again !! big big collection and #32 soon, but only after a good pump in the gym as we like. i feel like showing off right now. perhaps 32 will be today. Love doing it.

from alain6901 [6590] on 20 March 2021

I'll call this one the revenge review haha ;)
You know why ;)
But I'll make it shorter than usual
You are the best
You are the only one
I am so proud to know you my man!


AngelinoBoy replied...
So his is what it was! Not bad revenge! Thank you!#mostmuscular

from alain6901 [6590] on 19 March 2021

My man!
I love starting my day watching you on video!
It is always the best way to start my day. Because it gives me so much energy!
I can feel your own energy, I can feel good vibes surrounding me and going through me after watching each video you share with me.
And today I am in the mood to post a new review after watching my 25th custom video.
Last series of 5 videos you shot for me is just perfect.
You look so so good!
Your physique is flawless my man.
You have it all.
The size, the mass, the symmetry, the proportions.
Just perfect aesthetics!
But most of all the way you build your physique in a natural yet very impressive way is what makes you much more interesting than any other.

That's for your shape.
Now there is much much more than that.
And you know it perfectly.
I am not going to write too much about that on here, I know you prefer it in private.
But let me say it naturally.
The level of connection between us is beyond belief.
What we are building together gets stronger every day.
And it is already so strong that no one, not even the most jealous person in the world, can change that.
And this is why you are the one and only.

Thank you for your generosity.
Thank you for your intuition.
Thank you for your trust.
Actually thank you for everything.


AngelinoBoy replied...
Thanks for for your words and apreciation! you know i always do videos with pleasure doing what i like most, FLEXing. #growing #flex

from TillXXX [568] on 10 March 2021

My video was really good. I hope to get another one soon.

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Age 26
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 96kg (211 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


Location Bucharest, Romania
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