23, 186cm (6'1"), 107kg (235 lbs)

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Perfect Muscle Hunk

Perfect Muscle Hunk


SALE! $12.50 $24.99

Oiled Up Birthday Flex

Oiled Up Birthday Flex


SALE! $12.50 $24.99

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About me

23 years old. young ripped competition bodybuilder. PRO-athleth. Ripped and SHREDDED only year. Make good flex show HD ProCam. Have a big biceps and nice abs.
Write me.


from ADAM1 [10074] on 14 August 2021

I am not sure why this guy is here. He has no motivation, does not respond to emails or Skype, and has zero interest in producing content for his customers. Why bother to advertise yourself on this site?!?

Waste of time, do not recommend.

from alain6901 [6890] on 27 January 2021

I had not watched you on video for a few months.
And wow! I mean wow wow wow!
Your current shape is really amazing.
You are so shredded, so strong.
Your legs, your arms, your shoulders, your back.
All of them are perfect!
I have always thought you have a unique physique on the site and I can only say that your current shape is one of the best I have seen from you so far.
Also the body hair looks really good on your pecs and abs ;)

It's a pleasure interacting with you because you are always friendly and nice, and I like your energy.
Thanks so much for that special video Dmytro.
Looking forward to seeing you flex for me again soon ;)

BeardKing22 replied...
Thank you Alain. I stay strong and ripped for new muscle video.

from ric.wersig [1125] on 30 August 2020

I´m still waiting to skype with him... He´s been ignoring my messages for months
I want my 100$ back!!!

from ADAM1 [10074] on 10 August 2020

I purchased 3 videos from him last year, and they were all good. I would like to purchase more, but he does not respond on Skype. I sent him a message, and his Skype status was "green", meaning he was online. But now 9 days later, he never responded.

from aixois1978 [310] on 2 September 2019

I had my first custom video, and i was not disappointed at all ! beard king is realy handsom, trully ripped and a great shape.I recommand completely this guy, he did exactly what i expected, very sexy boy ! ;-)

BeardKing22 replied...
nice review))thanks

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Age 23
Height 186cm (6'1")
Weight 107kg (235 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Latin


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