Big Kenny

THE Muscle God

Big Kenny

33, 187cm (6'2"), 113kg (249 lbs)

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About me

Large framed genetic freak... model face with monster body... one of a kind. I am what you have been waiting for.
Meet me via Skype or in person.
**Now taking my body to the next level!! Don't miss out, contact me about sponsorship/worship opportunities!!!**

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


This Man is THE God! Chiseled, ripped, massive, and infinity superior. His voice is as perfect and masculine as he looks. I knew this Man could make me do anything the moment he first spoke to me!

sboy261 [425] on 21 Sep 2022

There is literally no one like Kenny on here or anywhere else. A physique that puts many "pro" bodybuilders to shame, his body is fine art from every angle, every muscle and vein bulging with power and dominance, covered in a perfect coat of hair that emanates masculinity without obscuring or detracting from a single one of his numerous sculpted curves. Abs that look like implanted steel plates with a waist that accentuates his already gargantuan back and shoulders, and legs and calves that belong on an ox. His body alone is enough to recommend all of his content, but as if that wasn't enough note also his height, flawless skin, movie star looks and an insanely sexy voice that radiates pure superiority. And friendly to boot. He is truly beyond comparison, the apex of male and muscle. A true god.

Zpiers [125] on 1 Sep 2022

I purchased a custom vid from this guy for 50 bucks and I find out he's posted the same vid on here for anyone to buy for half the price. Not very custom if anyone can buy it. Poor form man

doctorcid [330] on 8 Aug 2022

Big Kenny replied...
Must be miscommunication. Message me on Skype to discuss.

I had the honor of receiving a custom video from big Kenny and it was incredible! This muscle god is massive head to toe! was verbal as requested and felt personable and yet I knew my place and worshiped and felt inferior. Thank you again big man can't wait for the next one!

kenem [168] on 2 Aug 2022

One of the BEST physiques on the BestFlex! This prolific bodybuilder has the potential to run a stage for winner and overall status! His physique is nothing less but RPO fuckin bodybuilding! Kenny is nothing less than a top bodybuilding competitor! Watch and learn boys.... This dude is takin a Pcard

jeromeroundu2 [6043] on 19 Apr 2022

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Big Kenny


Age 33
Height 187cm (6'2")
Weight 113kg (249 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Hairy
Ethnicity White


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