Big Kenny

THE Muscle God

30, 187cm (6'2"), 118kg (260 lbs)

New York, New York

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THE Muscle God


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About me

Large framed genetic freak... model face with monster body... one of a kind. I am what you have been waiting for.
Meet me in Las Vegas, NYC, NJ, LA, Philly, or Dallas.
**Now taking my body to the next level!! Don't miss out, contact me about sponsorship/worship opportunities!!!**

Meet me

I'm available to meet in New York, New York.


from mykelhm [300] on 21 February 2021

Got a show from Big Kenny today and it exceeded my expectations! His muscles are incredible and already have plans to meet up to explore them in person. I can’t wait!

from TinyWeakMan [91] on 28 February 2020

I had a fantastic camshow with BigKenny. He was very easy to work with and before long he was blowing my mind.

BigKenny's name is apt, since his sheer size oozed out of the screen the moment the show started. Everything about him just took my breath away. Handsome, massive, powerful and so much more. BigKenny's body is a truly amazing combination of huge and vascular muscle.

Almost as soon as the show had started, it was clear he knew just what I wanted and he more than delivered. If you like Alpha Males. Look. No. Further. BigKenny oozes authority with everything he does. You feel weak just looking at how incredible he is. I was hanging on his every word. I feel like I could listen to him talk for hours and lap it all up.

I will definately be back for more from THE Muscle God

from Fzpanda [1760] on 18 January 2020

Tried to arrange a custom video with Ken. Everything seemed to go well until I asked him to confirm the video requirements that he had already agreed to before I sent the payment, at which point I was told that I made things too complicated for too little money. Although a little disappointing, I m also glad that we didn’t move forward with this. Could definitely spend my 70 bucks somewhere else better than getting a subpar video, which seems to be quite likely of what I will be getting.

from Jesgolightly [5] on 29 September 2019

Had Kenny come to my house for a worship session. He is legitimate and not to be missed. I can’t wait to see him again.

from seattlelilrunt [195] on 14 February 2019

Had the experience of meeting with kenny first hand, and it was just that; an experience. His size is striking, even after trying to prepare yourself for it ahead of time. Loves to flex and display his granite-hard muscles. He’s also a comfortable person to be around, and even with a mild injury he was sure to catch me while I was in town. Highly recommend, and will definitely meet up with him again.

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Age 30
Height 187cm (6'2")
Weight 118kg (260 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


Location New York, New York
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