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Sexy accent, Latin Hunk, Great body, Horney

25, 175cm (5'9"), 80kg (176 lbs)

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from BepopWeebop [55] on 9 May 2020

I debated whether I should write about this experience, but I've decided it's best to warn others rather than be afraid.

I paid Handsome Fit Stud A LOT of money to do a private cumshow and planned to do it on a certain day. But when that time came he said he couldn't do it. I wasn't in a rush so I agreed to doing it the next day. I waited day after day, but every day he wasn't "available".

But here's where it gets BAD. I messaged him everyday for a week, and finally he told me he was in hospital and I had to wait 3 more days. Of course it was understandable and I was going to wait. BUT THEN he does a LIVESTREAM of him working out, clearly not in hospital.

Not only did he LIE about giving me a show, but he LIED about his excuses and tried to manipulate me to feel bad for him.


And now I've asked him if I can at least get my money back, but he blatantly tells me "YOU WILL GET NOTHING".

He's clearly out to just get money and give nothing back. DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY. You will lose your money, your time, and energy.

from kitkatjpg [465] on 5 May 2020

In a similar experience to Ceebrupt, I was meant to do a show with him, but on the day he told me something came up. The next day he didn't reply, then the following days I was given lots of excuses or simply ignored.
He also said he'd send a video but I never received anything of the sort, and I asked multiple times about it but he didn't acknowledge it. Since then, he's ignored my messages so I'm guessing that's the end of that. I've lost my money and a lot of my time waiting for him, so I'm extremely disappointed.

from Ceebrupt [15] on 1 December 2019

Really disappointing. I asked him for a vid on 31 October, he agreed and said he would do it that weekend or within the week. Then he said he would do it the weekend after that. Then (13 November) he suddenly got a cold and said he would send a few other vids in the meantime and asked for my e-mail, I gave it but received nothing. On the 21st he asked me again for my e-mail, I gave it again but still have not received anything. I contacted him through e-mail directly but he did not reply through there either. I asked 2 other guys for custom vids shortly after him and received both without any problems.

from muscdiz [200] on 9 November 2019


Handsome Fit Stud is amazing! Great video, very sexy, exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to the next video.

from growinmusc [6542] on 24 June 2019


HFS was very good and created video that encompasses everything is asked to be included. Love his intensity

from harlanny [8281] on 22 June 2019

I have been purchasing from Totti for more than 2 years. I have purchased over 50 videos. He is honest, easy to deal with, very accommodating, unbelievably endowed, equally as explosive, beautifully built with gorgeous body hair. He is in consistently great shape and a definite man's man. Really a great guy who delivers.

from mb707 [510] on 6 May 2019

Got an amazing custom video from Totti recently. He really did an amazing job with the script and turned out a super hot video! Such an amazing guy ????

from IMJ009 [1185] on 11 February 2019

Got another video, good as always!!

from IMJ009 [1185] on 18 November 2018

Perfect. Fast delivery

from growinmusc [6542] on 10 November 2018

Great interaction - awesome video production, exactly what I'd asked for. Incredible quality and he's very easy to discussion options etc with. If you've seen any of his previews here or on YouTube and liked, you'll LOVE his custom videos etc. . Strongest recommendation. You'll not be disappointed.

from debonaire1978 [880] on 9 November 2018

I've ordered from him before and had a good experience. This time not so much. It's been almost three weeks and he still hasn't delivered the video. He said he's had some personal issues but already spent my money so couldn't refund me. He sent a few shorter pre-made videos to make up for the delay but that was almost a week ago and don't cover the amount I paid for a custom. Be careful with this guy.

from a90 [410] on 20 October 2018

Very honest guy and does his best to do good videos

from a90 [410] on 1 August 2018

This guy did an amazing roleplay video for me. He works with a stud partner and they are the best performers. Recommended highly. Long overdue

from MikesBigArms [2798] on 25 June 2018

First of all, Totti is a gentleman, and he is very polite and immediately set me at ease during his show. I've also bought 2 of his videos. Both are excellent !!! The hair on his pecs is so hot, and a huge turn on. Totti is a great poser and he exceeded my expectations. I can recommend him and wish him well. *****5 Stars

from Dungu789 [485] on 22 April 2017

Just had a show now - WOW

He was even nice enough to do the show as he woke up - i wish i looked like that at any time of the day never mind when i wake up!

What an awesome show, and an awesome guy too. Great personality, and easy to chat to, and very responsive, and he has an amazing physique as well

Shredded to the max, and great definition, even did some tricks with his muscles which were amazing. Superb traps, pecs, abs and arms.

All round great guy and well worth it - super value for money!


from harlanny [8281] on 25 February 2017

This guy is great, very nice awesome body, really about the best I've run into and I've been a purchaser for many years.

from Jay.45 [3032] on 22 February 2017

rock hard muscle great condition alpha attitude i highly recommend

from gofg [630] on 1 October 2016

I've had 4 shows from him and all were great! Super hot naughty shows!

from meonly74 [330] on 7 March 2016

This guy is a thief and a liar. He kept giving excuses as to why he couldnt do it and finally just stopped answering me, i have the convo to prove it.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
u are a hater ! i don t know you

from Walter Pazzi [750] on 15 February 2016

Absolutely handsome and a sexy bomb. His strip dance is so hot that you cannot resist to pleasure..... In great shape i love to see flex and cum in so hot way. I want to see and see and see again!

from nazhy [60] on 18 July 2015

I highly recommend him. He is so nice and such a trustworthy guy! A very bad situation occurred in one of our transactions, and he was unable to receive the money and it was lost for good. However, he was very understanding of it.
Give him a chance. He is a sweet and sexy flexer!

from buckspa [185] on 12 June 2015

I love this guy. He is so nice and really cute. And he is big everywhere. He wants you to be satisfied. Definitely worth it.

from paxtonport [75] on 11 May 2015

Definitely gives an amazing show and aims to please. He is very friendly and his body is awesome. Highly recommend

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
10 u ..verry much

from Mark10 [345] on 21 April 2015

I have had many a great show with this gentleman. He is very accommodating and very fit.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
tku Mark :*

from paul duchai [490] on 17 September 2014

Hey guys, Had an amazing camshow with this model. He has dumbbell free weights to pump his awesome biceps and has great vascularity. He is easy going and will entertain all offers for his awesome camshows.I recommend him highly and you will never be disappointed....10+++

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Age 25
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 80kg (176 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity Mediterranean


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