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29, 181cm (5'11"), 100kg (220 lbs)

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from ca.guy.2018 [788] on 17 February 2018

I am getting cash raped hard right now by this GOD. He is the most intense and more deserving and commanding GOD Ive come across online. Ive given him 1000's already and I dont plan on stopping, fuck, im so lucky.

He gets in my brain and stretches my wallet, i dont know how he does it, but.... FUCK, he gets in there deep and fucks it hard.

try a teamviewer rape and you'll see.

from bdcool [135] on 16 February 2018


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Serge deliver on my customer request. Very happy.

from djmuscleflex [4170] on 10 February 2018


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Man, I just can't say enough positive things about Sergio. His body is incredible. He suggested a video from last September, near the end of his contest. I have never seen such incredible muscle control. He is a HUGE man. Cooresponding with him thru Email is just as simple as taking a drink of water. He is extremely professional and very very nice to work with. You can tell from his videos that he loves the camera and loves to show off his body. His body is a piece of work and his personality with his body is an added bonus. NEVER be in fear of anything that you order from Sergio, you will NOT be disappointed.

from djmuscleflex [4170] on 10 February 2018


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Sergio never fails to impress me when it comes to Custom Videos. When I give him the scene and some suggestions, WOW - the imagination and extra things that he comes up with, I wouldn't of thought of at all. The amount of detail and prep work for each scene is truly amazing and it shows in every single one of my custom videos

from djmuscleflex [4170] on 10 February 2018


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This was a private video of his physique before a competition. WOW. Sergio is a very impressive individual. He has a body, he likes to show off and he should be DAMN proud of his body and personality.

from djmuscleflex [4170] on 8 February 2018


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I requested my 2nd Video from Sergio. Damn. I don't know how he does it. His body is incredible and he is very strong. He LOVES what he does and the camera loves what he does. He is a pure Alpha Muscle Man. He takes your idea and then runs away with it. He adds his personality and other extras of his and makes it an awesome video experience. You actually feel like you are in the same room with him. Depending on the scene, that can be quite scary. DON'T hesitate to get a Custom Video from Sergio. He is extremely easy to work with and that body can go on for days !!!!!!

from lesliehwl [630] on 7 February 2018

wow. Just had show with this guy, couldn't get enough, then had a second show immediately after...
it was prob the hottest show I have ever had,
He did all the things I was asking for, even more, making all my fantasy come true. Beyond amazing! Highly recommend. you won't be disappointed of every body part, i mean, every part ;)

from djmuscleflex [4170] on 6 February 2018


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Where do you begin. Sergio can execute a scene and then make it his own. That man is very powerful, his body is like pure iron. I gave him a scene and his imagination ran WILD with it. I have 3 other fantasies that I want him to do. I have NO doubt that he will execute them the same way. NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO Custom Scenes.

from Sweater_boy [20] on 1 February 2018

I'm so specheless right now
For the i could give him 100000 stars, because it was over the top and i'm in Heaven right now

With full 300% amazing video

That was awesome

I will look forward for his amazing vids

For me he is a alpha god awesome

Thank you so much ????????????

from trebazz [335] on 31 January 2018


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Sergio is the best. He always delivers on time and his videos are above exemplary. I wasn't expecting such an amazing presentation and he went above and beyond, providing more than I asked for. Safe to say I plan on buying more for him, you should too.

from trebazz [335] on 28 January 2018


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Great video.

from Sweater_boy [20] on 23 January 2018

His video is amazing
It was fucking hot and amazing !!
This video was the best and he is a amazing god
I love him and i love to see more vids with interesting ideas

I will look forward with his new videos

He is fuckin the best man Ever

I can say : AMAZING!!!!

from etotal93 [105] on 21 January 2018

Omg I have had the best time of my life with this guy. It is impossible to describe this guy with words but I will do my best. I got 1 show and bought 3 videos and his body is unique. I was so confused where I should look at. Chest? Biceps? Abs? I don't want to mention his veins.. woow.. if you are searching for the time of your life get in touch with this musclegod. You won't regret it, believe me. And not to forget he is extremely polite. He fulfills your dreams..

from lucio [5] on 18 January 2018

I sent him 900€ in September last year because he was in troubles and needed money. He hasn't sent them back yet.
Also, I paid 120€ for a "custom" video and he sent me one of the old videos he had in his collection that therefore wasn't a custom made specifically for me. That's what I call a rip off

I didn't ask the money back? What did you think it was, a present? If it was not clear I say it now: send it back.
About the video, I did comment how good it was indeed. That does not answer the fact that it was sold as a custom and it wasn't. It was an old video.
I'm not requested by anyone to post this, I do it in my own right

After asking him to fulfill his obligations / promises and send me back the 900€ he owes me hornyalphaboy replied with the laughing icon and then blocked me on Skype so now I can not communicate with him anymore

HornyAlphaBoy replied...
This guy posted bad review, being asked by his friend- "macarena" His reply after getting his custom video: "That wasnt a video. It was a whole movie! I can't believe you have created all that story in just a few hours" (July 29 2017) His friend- "macarena" asked him to send 900 euros so he did. He never asked them back. "And then my friend who recommended you to me asked me to send you some money " (september 28 2017) I have all the proofs

from Sweater_boy [20] on 17 January 2018

He is really awesome
He looks so damn good and the sweater and shirt buttons grrrrrr so hot. And all of this was perfectly with his heart. I feel it.
I love his second video really much REALLY ! In the short scene about the sweater rip i was a little dissapointed because i didnt write clearly in English what i want to Really to see in the video it's not his fault, it was my fault so i hope he forgive me for my errors.

I write again: I'm Really so sorry so much i can and i hope for the next vid in turtleneck sweater will be better

PS: in the end the sweater rip was Really hot ( i look it again) so well next time let your sweater be on your Body when you rip

Best regards

from chrisdiels [155] on 13 January 2018

I just got a custom video from this guy, he did an amazing job! He did everything I asked. If anyone needs a custom this guy is the best! I will for sure to come and ask for another one soon!

from hypnopowerman [480] on 9 January 2018

Sergio absolutely made the start of my 2018 awesome by sending me with a perfectly crafted one of a kind fantasy role play video. He is definitely one of the most professional and trustworthy models on the bestflex site. Sergio looks better than ever. The quality of the video as always was excellent and top-notch. Received video request within a day as promised. Thank you so much Sergio for everything! Looking forward to the next video.

from fagslavex16 [451] on 27 December 2017


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from fagslavex16 [451] on 27 December 2017


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Alfa muscle god in charge

from fagslavex16 [451] on 27 December 2017


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I can’t stop thinking of this perfect musclegod

from fagslavex16 [451] on 27 December 2017


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It was mindblowing.

from Miguel79 [70] on 28 November 2017

I got my custom vid from HornyAlphaBoy and I am completely satisfied in every sense. I got my vid in the time that we agreed, just 24 h. He permformed my fantasy greatly. He is not only polite, but also friendly and attentive. I will surely ask him for another video in the future

from debonaire [470] on 22 November 2017

The custom video I wanted was detailed and different than most videos. But he didn't hesitate to say yes. He was open minded and met all of my requests. He gave me a show that exceeded my expectations. Excellent doesn't even begin to describe his performance. It's like he reached inside my head -- took a look at my fantasy -- and acted out every detail. This guy is the total package. He's a muscular alpha who can be sexy and sensual. He's got one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. You can tell that he loves what he does. He produced a professional HD quality video with superb lighting and audio. He had someone filming him which allowed for more close-ups and zooms. He said he would impress me and he did. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. You will not be disappointed.

from Sweater_boy [20] on 20 November 2017

He is a god , he is Incredible
That video that i get it was a holy godess for me
And i look forward to see more of his vids
Super great guy , Very nice and hot, sexy, mr.perfect and he do it really all that what i wish
He is the best man ever and i thank him really so much from Bottom my Heart

from beddubi [1166] on 11 November 2017

the first time from him, he is a BEAST!
he made amazing custom video. the best one here in my opinion.

from bisexualslave1994 [215] on 10 November 2017


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from bisexualslave1994 [215] on 10 November 2017


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awesome video, my favorite

from bisexualslave1994 [215] on 10 November 2017


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awesome show as usual

from doc73 [4360] on 17 September 2017

Amazing. Have ordered many custom videos, and he doesn't disappoint. Really listens to specific requests and details. Is in phenomenal shape for upcoming show end of month. Extremely professional from quality of productions, to prompt return of emails, and quick delivery of videos. Go with the custom and don't be afraid to ask for what you want He has yet to turn down any requests I've made.

from pod_rick [270] on 15 September 2017

Honestly, the best you'll ever get. He always puts 100% effort into whatever it is you ask of him, which is often far more than many of the other guys on this site. He makes a point to try and get for you exactly what you like, no matter how odd the request. He has an absolutely incredible body, and he delivers as soon as he is able to. Plenty of other guys have kept me waiting for days, even weeks on end. If I could give 10 stars I would.

from squashme [230] on 9 September 2017

Sergio is exceptional - he performs perfectly, and I had several shows and videos made by him, all were beyond my wishes. I'm very grateful and recommend him highly!

from IMJ009 [265] on 13 August 2017

No limits :)

from MR08 [73] on 19 May 2017

He just made me an amazing custom video. He definitely knows how to deliver! Will do business with him again.

from littlelunch [1157] on 13 February 2017

Not sure how I haven't seen this guy a long ago but, I'm damn pleased I've found him now. He is a stunning muscle stud that knows exactly how to please his fans. I'm seriously considering a custom after buying a few of his videos and reading these other reviews!

from Bbing1 [50] on 9 February 2017

WOW! This guy is accommodating, flexible and attentive to detail! He listens to exactly what you like and grants every wish! GET IN TOUCH WITH HIM!!

from alex00.47 [85] on 23 January 2017

Just amazing..what a GREAT performer..he knew how to take control of the situation and was incredible..so sexy and powerful and very strong..very seductive..be charmed into submission

from iestyn [40] on 14 January 2017

In a custom vid and Skype shows I find him amazing. SO hot, professional and teasing fantasies along brilliantly. Total class, this guy.

from Wiggy [190] on 13 January 2017

Mind blown!

One of the best, hottest, intense cam shows I have ever gotten. Now a slave to the HOTTEST, muscle master around!

from Fzpanda [102] on 7 January 2017

I purchased two custom videos from HAB. Easy to work with, friendly, and very responsive to Skype messages. We had some communication issue with the first video, but the second video is great and exceeds my expectations. Highly recommended.

from Bowmansir87 [10] on 3 January 2017

HornyAlphaBoy is incredibly sexy and hot. I have purchased many of his videos and custom shows, and they have been amazing. He can do a wide range of themed shows and he is very easy to work with. I am a huge fan of AlphaBoy.

from Bodolb [5] on 19 December 2016


from Moviemakeruk [5] on 13 December 2016

Stomp and Cum on You. Very good video, with Horny Boy dominating which I loved. Would like to see him actually pissing instead of just seeing piss hitting shower basin.

from plh [155] on 8 December 2016

Just received my first custom video and it exceeded my expectations. Everything I asked for was delivered upon by this handsome guy with a killer body. Already thinking of next video

from msclelover [97] on 28 November 2016

Simply amazing. Just had my first cam show with HornyAlphaBoy and can't wait for the next one already!

from adamreis0 [80] on 27 November 2016

I had a cam show with him and he's better than ever. His biceps and his pecs are so big I really want to be able to touch them. His burp is paradise. He's really the king. A dream. Everything happened as arranged.

from ywtbo [56] on 24 November 2016

I wanted to add further to my previous post which needs to be mentioned. The camera filming was exceptional for the custom video I had made. He actually has his own camera man. This is a must ! All camera shot angles are possible with a camera man. So hot when direction your own custom video that it can be done. Amazing !!!

from ywtbo [56] on 24 November 2016

I have to post a review for this amazing hot guy. I had a custom made video. Everything was as it was asked Video was ready within 24 hrs. And very very alpha male - luved it! Will defo recommend and I will be ordering again !!

from jeromeroundu2 [564] on 10 November 2016

What can I say!!!! This dude is exceptional. I took in a show months ago. When I reached out for another show, He remembered all my preferences! His physique is SICK!!!! Fuker is a BEAST.... If you like veins, ask for a most muscular! Dude POPS! His PEC separation is nothing but AWESOME! Delts and traps are LARGE! Magic Stripp is a fuckin B O S S ! ! ! ! SKYPE MAGIC STRIPP NOW

from licorn [70] on 5 November 2016

If you like big muscles and hot masculine voice, this is the good address. He's very masculine and can adjust to your needs during cam show. If you like dominant muscular guys, he is the one.

from Andrew123 [15] on 5 November 2016

This muscle God is purely amazing. Still remember that cam show he did. His muscle is HUGE. He sounds hot too

from Momop2 [20] on 2 October 2016

I bought a custom video from him, and I defently recommend him. Huge sexy body, and very strong.

from smartone34 [60] on 10 September 2016

I meant to post this a while ago. I bought a video from this guy and he did everything I wanted perfectly. His got an amazing body and he was very nice.

from nicegent [45] on 3 September 2016

I got a custom video from him and it was the best thing ever. Professional quality filmed and exactly what I wanted, and more. Could not ask for better. Do yourself a favor and get a camshow or video from him. He gets into his videos big time and will not disappoint. Best guy there is.

from hypnopowerman [480] on 15 August 2016

Sergio is the real deal guys! He's polite and he commits 100% to making sure his customers are happy with the quality of work he shares with others. I've had pleasure of working with him on a role playing custom video and he does not disappoint. Thank you Sergio for an awesome experience and for being so professional.

from kiwimusclefan24 [35] on 2 July 2016

even hotter in shows then in photos open to all ideas love to please hot sexy accent check him out

from kiwimusclefan24 [35] on 2 July 2016

even hotter in shows then in photos open to all ideas love to please hot sexy accent check him out

from kiwimusclefan24 [35] on 26 June 2016

get a show with hornyalphamale always delivrs a hot show love to please don't pass up this stud

from bluewolf76 [210] on 12 June 2016

Another great duo custom video with Sergio and his friend Remus (MaximusSteel)
These guys are the best here for solo and duo custom video's ! Highly recommend if you are looking for a flex show, and so much more!

from kiwimusclefan24 [35] on 11 June 2016

Anthor hot show he does exactly what you want and aims to please i recomnd getting a show with him in the shower or wet and soaped up

from bluewolf76 [210] on 5 June 2016

Another top quality custom made video with Sergiu and his friend Remus,(MaximusSteel)
Not only are both guys easy to do business with and produce very professional videos (HD camera, great lighting etc), but they are both excellent at roleplay and can really act out your fantasy in detail. They can be very verbal and are both very good at working together. Both are very open to requests and deliver the custom video with no problems. I Have had many solo custom videos in the past from them both, and duo videos with them both together and they are both easily the best models here! So if you are looking for a custom made video with two guys together at the top of their game, and in top physical shape, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them both- you will not be dissapointed!

from kiwimusclefan24 [35] on 1 June 2016

Amazing hot shows very verbal does what you want have had about 10 shows everyone has been great get him when his online

from chrisstockton [60] on 26 May 2016

this guy is amazing! he is open to all ideas and suggestions. A great actor who knows exactly what to do to drive you wild! amazing body and handsome face - check him out!

from macsfire [21] on 24 May 2016

he's great. huge legs. huge bulge. very dominating. very alpha. highly recomended

from jstevens [395] on 22 May 2016

This Big Guy gives great Muscle Flex cam shows! He is looking massive, and was very responsive to all my requests. I'm looking forward to visiting this Big Man for another Muscle Cam show!

from Rackfan [290] on 17 May 2016

Sensational cam show. The guy just oozes muscle and intense manliness. He does amazing bicep kisses and is a truly terrific flexer. Can't recommend him highly enough.

from Eddiepresto [10] on 15 May 2016

I have had shows and he is perfect, he has taken me in and he now owns me completely he is my god I will do everything he tells me. HE IS PERFETION!!

from exotic32 [5] on 4 May 2016

It is not only handsome and muscular guy who exudes sexuality, is also friendly even when it's a tough kid.

from mmmmuscles [70] on 14 April 2016

rock hard baseball biceps! he gives it all

from Maxxiboi [20] on 13 April 2016

HornyAlphaBoy is really sexy and flawlessly fulfills any fantasy! He's very good at seduction, muscle worship, role playing and a lot more. On top of that, he's really nice and easy to talk to. He's very open and willing to try any fetish or fantasy one may have. I definitely recommend buying a show or a video from him. You won't be disappointed!

from kiwimusclefan24 [35] on 8 April 2016

best Skype shows ever very huge sexy accent huge muscle and cock very good at dirty talk will do what you want highly recommend him

from andrewt [30] on 8 April 2016

I bought a show from hornyalphaboy and it was hot from start to finish. a huge muscled flexer you knows have to put on a great show. highly recommended. id buy again.

from Aaron1993 [5] on 5 April 2016

First time to request a custom, OMG. He was great and did everything I asked for. The video was ready in a few hours, really nice guy. Really really recommend. Hope to do business again soon. :-)

from bluewolf76 [210] on 8 March 2016

My 8th custom video with Sergio. He always delivers the best- his work is profesional and always high quality. He's very open to your idea's and makes a video tailored to what you want to see. With Sergio you get the total package- handsome face, muscular physique, sexy voice and he's a great performer! If you are looking for more than just a flex video then I would highly recommend you contact Sergio.

from musclepup [1035] on 24 January 2016

I've purchased many custom videos from Sergio over the past year. He's very professional and always delivers my vids promptly. He gives 100% to make sure I will be completely satisfied with every video he makes for me.

from Maccy_pn [20] on 21 January 2016

Definetly an Alpha and definitely does not disappoint. Go ahead, you'll love it! Great body and very seductive.

from FatSlave [5] on 17 January 2016

one of the most passionate lads on here, and I didn't ask a simple flexing show. He is a real alpha and I absolutely recommend it to everybody.

from Marylandguy77 [345] on 13 January 2016

HornyAlphaBoy is probably my favorite guy. First, he ALWAYS delivers and does exactly what you ask. He is entirely worth every penny. I am never disappointed and have come back for multiple camshows.

from Kickboxernyc [205] on 22 December 2015

Not only is HornyAlphaBoy extremely sexy, he is also an extremely cool guy. He made a custom video for me that was amazing. I strongly recommend you contact him if you enjoy muscle worship. He is amazing.

from Fatcow [5] on 19 December 2015

I am a fat cow with breasts like a woman. He milked me, whipped me, told me what fat cow I was. He was ruthless... but he was right. I am. He is everything a man should be. I am his fat cow, now. He owns me. He is a true Alpha male. My lord and king. He has complete control of me. All muscle... he is a true superior.

from jmx2749 [56] on 3 December 2015

Sergio gives an amazing camshow - he seems to truly enjoy what he's doing, making it that much hotter. Furthermore, he's not only huge but also attractive. Definitely recommended.

from ucl1964 [150] on 3 December 2015

wow.....fantastic videos...he does what you want and is very hot...massive biceps and great personality...highly recommend him...

from ADAM1 [376] on 14 November 2015

I have purchased several custom videos from him, he is the best! The videos are very high quality HD, responds promptly to emails, produces videos quickly, and follows very detailed requests. I wish I would have discovered him sooner instead of wasting my money on other guys who just don't care. Highly recommend! Thank you so much ....

from centurion [645] on 11 November 2015

like others here, I bought a custom video from Sergio last week and it was absolutely excellent. He also has a portfolio of great wrestling vids, if you enjoy watching two alpha males in close combat. A star

from Luvmuscles2006 [80] on 4 October 2015

Further to my earlier posting, I had the opportunity of spending another day with Serge in Romania. After 4 plates of food at the hotels buffet, we spent most of the day at the mountains outside of Bucharest. Serge was a delightful host, his massive quads made him drive extra fast in his BMW, and we then swam and worked out at hotel gym/pool. Serge is always obliging and loves to flex and show his muscles everywhere. The pool shots were awesome! Thanks again mate for a great time and l look forward to our next catch up! 

from marco279 [52] on 1 October 2015

If you are looking for somebody who genuinely loves to show off their size and especially their strength then Sergiu is the man. There are seriously not many other bodybuilders his size that can compete with him for raw power. He is also a genuine guy. Have ordered several videos without any issues.

from Peter1110.49 [35] on 6 September 2015

This man is just unbelievable! He is the most incredible Musclegod I have ever seen and turns me on more than any other man I have ever seen! I have bought four of his personal videos and I have to say they are amazing. While I love all the muscles of a musclegod's body, my favorite are his arms and biceps and he has hard, round, huge biceps and the veins that he has in his upper arms are so beautiful. And when he lifts his arms to flex, I feel weak in my knees and when he lifts his arms way over his head I am crazy. I have asked for some very specific fantasies in each of the videos and he does a perfect job of creating the fantasy that turns me on and drives me wild. If you have a Musclegod fantasy, I guarantee you that he can give it to you, he does all you ask for and more. For me, he knows how to push all the right buttons. In fact I am going to buy another private video in about a week. The video quality is perfect. I also bought three sets of photos with a fourth on the way and the image quality is perfect and he posed exactly as I asked for. AND he is a very warm, friendly nice man. I for sure will be buying many more of his videos and his photos!

from slave4muscle1 [388] on 5 September 2015

I can't get enough of this muscle stud - such a strong sexy muscle GOD! Very muscular alpha stud, ready to create any fantasy on cam. Huge muscle giant loves to show off and take control ... flex and tease ... dominate ... and a real nasty, verbal, muscle champion!!!

from centon [690] on 3 September 2015

Simply great!

from Luvmuscles2006 [80] on 1 September 2015

Had a week away with HAB in Moscow. The experience was most enjoyable. Not only is HAB a nice guy, he is easy to talk to, likes a laugh and is great social company. He also loves his body and is willing to flex just about anywhere, in parks, restaurants and in the hotel's lift. Experience a work out with him - you won't be disappointed. We worked chest together and he was hoisting 110lb dumbbells for incline bench so he's not just for show, there is some real power to back up those muscles! And finally, he dresses to show off his body! Who wouldn't with a body like that! In summary, a great experience and l look forward to seeing him again in a couple of weeks time!

from gardenweasel [60] on 31 August 2015

Amazing live cam shows. Have had several and he is hot and responsive. Five stars

from zipper [285] on 2 August 2015

I bought personal flexing pics form him and i loved them. He is just amazing!

from tycho27 [201] on 23 July 2015

this is such a REAL MAN, total ALPHA,hottest,most selfconfident MAN you'll ever meet. great shows!!

from BigAndy [195] on 22 July 2015

Amazingly handsome and big. HD cam. One of the best cam guys around!

from heinerle [55] on 12 July 2015

I got some older videos from him - there he was not so muscular. He was and be a nice, friendly and highly recommended man.

from iestyn [40] on 11 July 2015

He is fantastic to look at, his build is wonderful and he put on the best show!

from Marylandguy77 [345] on 6 July 2015

He is one of my favorites. He does everything you ask and his nude shows are AMAZING! Love him!

from jessmack [195] on 2 July 2015

bought 4 custom videos from him - perfectly executed, high quality and on time :) hot and professional

from alaterra [490] on 19 June 2015

Purchased one video so far and it was superb. Nice guy super sexy body and fantastic custom video producer

from bluewolf76 [210] on 15 June 2015

Hi folks,
Ordered 2 custom video's from Sergio in 1 week, which speaks for itself. The first was 40 minutes, the second a 1 hour video.
Without a doubt the best model I have ever purchased any show from anywhere on the internet! (and believe me I have had lots of shows over the years!)
As you can see from his photos and video's here, he is a very handsome man, with an incredible physique...the definition of masculinity and male beauty.
I can recommend him for delivering a great muscle show. He has worked on his body and the results are there to see- symmetry, size, proportion. If you like pecs and muscle ass this is the man for you!
I came to Sergio with some more alternative requests for custom video...he is very open minded, and is able to deliver a show that covers more than just muscle worship. He will be open to you sharing your fantasy or kink.
I made a detailed outline for each video and it amazed me how he covered everything I asked for, adding his own ideas too which made the experience even better.
What I loved about Sergio is he is a muscular guy who is sexy but also sensual. So if you like a video, or show where the model has lots of eye contact to cam, (he has a stunning face!) a very sexy voice, and a model who is there with you 100% Sergio is your guy! He is an excellent entertainer and model, really is very good at what he does!
On the technical side, he had someone filming him which gave the video's a fluid and professional quality that I have never come across until now. His camera quality, sound and lighting was excellent! His rates for custom video were reasonable.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sergio.You will not be dissapointed.
Thanks Sergio, and see you for the next custom video soon.

from ucl1964 [150] on 13 June 2015

oredered 3 custom videos from him now.....fantastic body, massive biceps and delivers excactly what you request......highly recommend him....you will be hooked!

from 4mac4 [5] on 13 June 2015

This guy is amazing. Gives great cam shows. Highly recommend

from macsfire [21] on 12 June 2015

he was the perfect muscle god. he treated like i deserved it. he's huge, buff and masculine.

from MIKEGM1979 [60] on 31 May 2015

I just had a cam show with this guy and he is amazing. Sexy body, amazing flexing, really nice. His bicep and pec bouncing is so hot. I highly recommend him and will do more cam shows with him. His prices are reasonable too. My new favourite. LOVE HIM!!!

from leanhairy [235] on 12 May 2015

a natural born teaser. can be sexier than u've ever imagined

from fitbiguy85 [30] on 10 May 2015

I just bought a custom video from this amazing guy and I am blown away! He was incredibly easy to deal with, and even though I had several requests in the video he still delivered it within 24 hours. He is fast and he is reliable.
And he is so amazingly strong and handsome! His video was everything I hoped for and more. He took my requests and made more with them than I could dream of. The video was extremely sexy and sensual and his body looks stronger and more muscular than ever. I am a very satisfied customer and I will buy more videos from him in the future.

from jessmack [195] on 3 May 2015

Very professional in dealing and not to mention, incredibly sexy :)

from paul duchai [480] on 2 May 2015

Guys, I can not explain this but from yesterday I had the incredible experience with this alpha male that I had to share in all his glory again. He is every bit HUGE as the first photo in this profile. 51 cm biceps with thick huge peaks. Massive pecs that cover his upper and lower chest, when flexed like slopes of a rugged smooth mountain. His delts have power boulder rock size and separation for days. The triceps hang as side of defined beef wanting be touch and admired. One needs to look at his calves and those solid hamstrings when he bends over to flex and revel strands of hamstring muscles. Then he turns to show the thick massive quads from that amazing tear drop to separation up to his waist. he has the passion to be desired worshiped and appreciation for all the hard work from the gym. A true beast muscle GOD who will give you a show of lifetime. Show respect and he is putty in your hands to see his amazing, awesome, fantastic physique from all angles. Explore his pumped muscle the definition, separation and veins and take in the total view of the muscle giant needing all of your passion for worship. Seriously guys, give him a look and you will leave feeling fulfilled by the muscle god. The 10++++ I leave is so little because it is beyond any camshow I have experienced. Let Sergui pleasure your senses with that powerful muscled thick strong mountain of a body.

from paul duchai [480] on 1 May 2015

HEY ALL, I finally made time for Sergiu and must say was a little surprised beyond my hopes. It, the camshow started out very structured until I hinted about let me motivate you and explore his physique. he went wild with anticipation knowing he had a real muscle worshiper who knew how to get the best from his muscled physique. So amazing in person, huge and thick with 20+ arms, slabs of pecs for his chest, thick defined triceps, mountainous traps bulging in each pose. Tree trunk quads with awesome muscle separation and diamond shaped calves. I explored each inch of this amazing alpha stud body and slowly he showed from extreme angles with artistry of flexing and hitting poses that are professional from any competition stage. Motivate him and he hits into high gear to flex harder with more intensity to show they get huge. I was able to get him into a sweat mode as he continued to drip and made his muscles even more detailed. Laid back guy with charisma and sincerity, honest and needs to be admired and worshiped. Not a clock watcher and I can say with out a doubt this is the MUSCLE BEAST I have always dreamed of. I recommend him 10+++++++, give this masculine of muscled ALPHA stud a look and be pleasured as I was....thanks again SERGUI

from musclepup [1035] on 28 March 2015

I purchased my first custom vid from Sergio and liked it so much I immediately ordered another one. He was prompt and delivered exactly what I requested. Very friendly and easy to work with.

from musclefan1 [425] on 24 February 2015

Like it how he show of his muscles, i love to worship his muscles. He knows how to flex his muscles. Great show!!

from paul duchai [480] on 20 February 2015

Hello muscle lovers. I had the amazing luck to meet this hulk of an alpha male with a physique waiting to explode as he posed. His muscle control is dynamic and displays awesome separation of his thick hard delts, veins popping through his pecs and traps. Terrific artistry of his symmetrical muscled physique. He extremely enjoys to be totally admired worshiped for all the IRON he pushes in the gym because as he poses to max level the sweat begins to glisten over his powerful strong muscled body. His biceps are peaked to perfection and each and every pose leaves one breathless as he moves to different angles to show the best he has to offer in his muscles. laid back easy going alpha male with the understanding of English and wants to preform at the highest level for his many muscle fans. I recommend him and hope each one of you muscle lovers give his muscle the admiration, worship and appreciation he devours with each POSE. 10++++++

from aray1978 [15] on 17 January 2015

Thick muscle alpha delivers strong performance. Great legs and symmetry. Reliability a strength.

from pownat [185] on 16 January 2015

Great friendly guy, super strong, massive legs, gotta check out his legs. He did a great show for me. I can highly recommend him

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Age 29
Height 181cm (5'11")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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