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19 years old, young competitive bodybuilder, cocky, dominant well spoken stud.

19, 175cm (5'9"), 85kg (187 lbs)

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from jeromeroundu2 [1628] on 28 July 2019

Calling on all bodybuilders and muscle worshipers to support this iron brother to the stage! You looking for a bodybuilder in his final days before competition? Look no further! Buy his BestFlex vids or custom videos NOW! This guy is single handedly redefining teen and collegiate bodybuilding with his physique. His personality is cool as fuck, and his discipline in the gym has sculpted a righteous product! Standing at 175cm and 85kg (body composition will fluctuate due to his diet) this muthafucka is going to WRECK the stage. Prepping for a competition is grueling as fuck so be patient. He is 100% dedicated to prep and diet, but you will receive a perfect custom video with all your requests. The dude is 19 years old with muscle maturity of a dude in his late 20’s. His lines, cuts, separation, and vascularity throughout his physique is fuckin NEXT LEVEL! Ask him to hit the MostMuscular pose ….. Your eyes will bleed! I truly believe I am following a future PRO!

from SandTN [376] on 30 June 2019

I got some videos from him recently and he did a great job. His legs are really looking strong. He is easy to work with.

from debonaire1978 [585] on 9 March 2019

He's really good at roleplaying. He got into character and delivered a cool video. I highly recommend him.

from papat34 [165] on 28 January 2019

Wow this guy gives other athletes a run for their money!! This is the real deal, you will not be disappointed! Very friendly and opened minded.

Max Flex God replied...
Thanks a lot :) !

from iuo909.100 [65] on 12 January 2019

Max is a blessing to this community. He knows how to push all the right buttons. I highly recommend Max to everyone who wants an enjoyable and proper show. I've only done one show with him so far but I know I'll be back for more Max!

Max Flex God replied...
Thanks my man :)

from musclefan1 [2080] on 9 January 2019

I did a show with Max he delivered immediately. Max is so hot and so muscular and like to flex hard for you. I like his cocky talk and the way he shows off his muscles. I want to have a new show soon with him.

Max Flex God replied...
Thank you my man :)

from Johnny Atlas [145] on 9 January 2019

You can search around for a TRUE muscle god but seriously don't waste you time. Max has the muscles attitude physique and is the BEST MUSCLEGOD EVER. Does what he says and is prompt and cool AF

Max Flex God replied...
Pleasure is mine :)

from gsplover [647] on 6 January 2019

prompt and accommodating with super results. really hot body, very good English, and squirts like few BB's can! Awesome and worth a try. (cocky too ;) )

from frenchmuscleworshipper [20] on 1 January 2019

So. Where to begin...

That man is hot as hell. And only 19... Believe me, he cares for your pleasure like no one does. I did several cam shows with him. The man takes care of you, listens to your fantasies and is also quite funny ! Though already enormous and shaped as a beef, his body is even more promising than what it is.

The man is worth all the attentions. There is a future star running in his veins.

Max Flex God replied...
Thanks a lot ;)

from titman [5] on 8 December 2018

Amazing live show one hot muscle man.
Best I have seen

from ikat123 [60] on 28 November 2018

This beast looks 10x better in video. Max's customer service is great and he probably has the best one out of everyone I've dealt with on this site; he truly cares and wishes that we are on the same page with requests. He delivered an excellent custom video request that exceeded my expectations! Will certainly be doing business with him again. Totally recommend, you won't be disappointed.

from hotmusclemen [20] on 25 November 2018

I just had a fantastic live show! He is incredibly nice to work with and treats his customers with lots of respect. The show was great and he was willing to incorporate everything that I asked for! I definitely suggest checking out this guy.

from rui.penc [1265] on 10 November 2018

This guy is so pretty good! Absolutly recomended ;)

Max Flex God replied...
Thanks :)

from Ryans [505] on 9 November 2018

This guy is pretty good in everything worshiper might need!

He has it all - the physique, the muscle avareness and tge attitued. His gunz are huge and so are the legs and it will be very interisting to see how will this athlete look like in 5yrs....

Anyhow the best part is his attitued...selfconfident, cocky a his verbal addons to the show...

He reacted fast and delivered almost imidiatelly.

Absolutly recomended...make sure to give him a shout !!!

Max Flex God replied...
It was my pleasure :) !

from Timgabel123 [100] on 1 November 2018

I received my first video from him yesterday and it was really amazing. MaxFlex is very young but thanks to his amazing genetics and unbreakable drive, he has an incredibly developed physique. I also want to point out that he really listened to my instructions regarding the cutom video i wanted, which really impressed me. Also, his English is perfect, so communication was really easy. I can only recommend this young hunk!

from Fzpanda [855] on 4 October 2018

Super fast delivery. Very easy to work with. A trustworthy guy. Highly recommend

from brouny12 [340] on 2 October 2018

bought a video from him wow he looks awesome dang!!!! i do recommend him to any one great shape wow!!!!

from zipper [1120] on 30 September 2018

I requested him to do custom photos and he was amazing! Exactly what I wanted. He listened and delivered very quick! Highly recommend!

Max Flex God replied...
Cannot wait you to see me when o get even bigger and more shredded

from djmuscleflex [14615] on 29 September 2018

WOW. I got a hold of Max and we did a Skype Show and I was extremely thrilled. He is a very very nice and friendly man to work with. He is young but he did everything that I asked and put on one hell of a good show. He is extremely well built for his age. I will definitely be coming back to him for another show. !!! His pictures don't do him justice at all !!! Give him a Try, you will be pleasantly surprised !!!!! I WAS

Max Flex God replied...
My pleasure, I hope you'll be back soon

from inmovie89 [2635] on 29 September 2018

he called me after all and did a show

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Age 19
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 85kg (187 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Latin


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