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6 foot blonde bodybuilder with 22 inch arms

35, 182cm (6'0"), 110kg (242 lbs)

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Max Steel has 53 reviews.

from musclefanmarc [310] on 13 September 2021

Oh wow. Fresh from our arranged SKYPE show. This man is an Adonis. The most incredibly muscular, and vascular peaked body. Astounding! Phew. x

Max Steel replied...
Cheers for your sunspot man! I want to keep improving and keep on growing. Thanks for the compliments

from keylinks [255] on 11 September 2021

Just finished a camshow with this marvellous fellow; and he did not disappoint in the least. Simply put; he is incredible! He knows what worshippers want, and knows how to deliver the sexiest muscle worship experience out there! He is very respectful, polite, down to earth, and easy to get along with. A true gentleman, and a muscle-beast to boot. This was my first camshow with max, and I look forward to many more in the future!

Max Steel replied...
Cheers my man. I wanted to be as full as possible so timing the show straight from the gym was a must! Glad we got a chance to talk too. Starting a new program tomorrow to put on as much muscle as possible!

from armon88 [4430] on 10 September 2021

I ordered a custom 15-min bicep video, and WOWW!! Max is HUGE and RIPPED!! His arms are EYE-POPPING, and the rest of him is DIZZYING-- a true GOD of GODS!! The video was in full-screen, extremely high quality, which Max delivered in just a day. Extremely friendly and accommodating, Max sets the GOLD-STANDARD for worship!!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks man, I'm glad you're happy. I've done so many shows now I know how to get the lighting and angles exactly right. Catch up soon. Max

from Noah [121] on 26 August 2021

When I tell you the pictures don't do him justice AT ALL! he is bigger live. And very nice to talk to. He knows what he has and he shows it off perfectly. Will be a returning customer for sure

Max Steel replied...
Cheers Noah! I did say I was much better in real life! See you soon. Max

from smf27 [140] on 22 August 2021

I had my fifth show with Max, the best of all. He knows how to dominate you. Cheers.

Max Steel replied...
The more shows we do the more I know the things you like. Until the next time!

from FREDFROMFRANCE [170] on 19 August 2021

This morning I ordered my first custom video from Max. And few hours later, he sent it to me. He filled my requests perfectly . This guy is total alpha and at the same time so easy to work with. He knows how to perform and show-off his incredible huge rock hard muscles. He is FUCKING AWESOME! If you don't know him, you are truly missing out. Can't wait to do it again!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Fred. Always try to make my videos straight after a gym session. I'm glad I got the chance to make you a video this time. Total pleasure. Max

from Leicswrestle [186] on 16 August 2021

What an awesome guy I would throughly recommend this person to anyone.
Polite efficient and also bloody huge he’s a mountain of muscle ????????

Max Steel replied...
Cheers man! Enjoyed the conversation while flexing. Makes things a little more interesting. See you again soon.

from KavanS [1336] on 11 August 2021

Very reliable and amazing poser. Super kind and absolutely trustworthy. Recommended.

Max Steel replied...
Thank you K. Always try to do my best! Catch up soon.

from biglad [142] on 23 July 2021

Wow, what can I say - another great meeting with Max, he's looking more ripped than ever and absolutely massive and hard, I don't think there's anyone better to meet here in the uk from bestflex than Max, always friendly and bang on time, this BIG man comes highly recommended!!!!!!

Max Steel replied...
Cheers mate, I don't think I've ever been this vascular. It was good to see you. Thanks for the great review mate.

from smf27 [140] on 4 July 2021

Just had a fourth fantastic show with this guy. He's bigger than the last show we had. He knows how to use his massive arms and body to dominate.

Max Steel replied...
I'm glad you're noticing progress. No gym interruptions with lockdown means I can really build an insane body. Catch you soon

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 29 June 2021

SUPERIOR - Is what I will say from my latest Custom Video. This was a special Video for me and Max Steel performed it with perfection. Max knows what muscle worshippers want and he delivers by the truck load. It is hard to imagine how big he actually is without seeing a video. He is huge and yet, he maintains his cuts and vascularity. His flexing is beyond perfection. He is methodical without sacrificing the story of the video. Again, I just can't imagine being that big and hard. Then you add his personality and he is the ultimate bodybuilder. !!!!!

Max Steel replied...
I'm glad you liked the new video, thought the Army genre would be something a little different. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to making a new video with a new genre. Max

from Shawn_1978 [649] on 4 June 2021

just received my first custom flex video from the very handsome, and very massive, Max Steel today and I am in awe of this man's size and musculature! He's incredibly sexy, and has beautiful blonde hair and the sexiest bedroom blue eyes that will make you want to melt right there, in his presence. Max is not only very nicely muscular and easy on the eyes, he is also quite charming and charismatic as well. He knows how to play the role of the seductive bodybuilder who wants to draw you to him as he flexes and poses his body to show off his huge muscles, and he does it very well! And his British accent is very sexy. He didn't talk much in this video, but I may have him talk more in our next muscle worship themed video if he is up to it.

Max's physician is massive, and his vascularity is astounding, especially when he does his most muscular pose to make the veins pop in his shoulders and chest to show it off.

Thank you, Max, for an amazing, well done, custom video! I hope to do more with you in th future! Take care and I wish you all the love and support in your bodybuilding endeavors! God Bless!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks for a great review Shawn. One of my best yet. Yes, my eyes were particularly blue that day. We haven't had much sun here in the UK but when we do ill be a lot more tanned! Thanks again for taking the time to review. Max

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 31 May 2021

Just received another mind blowing video from Max. You can tell the gyms are open as he has become more vascular, more striated, his Abs are more popping and the chest is just swoll. I can't even imagine where he will be in a month or two. There is just no comprehension on his size. Can't wait for the next

Max Steel replied...
Cheers buddy! Super vascular at the moment. Hoping to keep the conditioning whilst gaining more size. Max

from FREDFROMFRANCE [170] on 30 May 2021

A new unforgettable and unusual experience with a modern day god. Since our last show, Max has doubled in size, he's never been so huge. It makes you wonder if his body has limits.
On the other hand, his kindness has not changed: always so smiling, pleasant and ready to please you. Thanks for the man you are Max. Looking forward to meeting you in person. Take car my friend

Max Steel replied...
Thanks for a super review Fred. Now the gyms are back open I'm really going for it. Let's get to 22 inch arms. Hope to see you soon. M

from biglad [142] on 19 May 2021

Wow - i've just met Max up close and personal. I've met a few bodybuilders from here and he's pretty much the best i've ever seen. Friendly, huge and vascular, he was happy to let me feel and measure those monster 21" arms and appreciate the googlemaps of veins across his chest and biceps. Amazing!! Can't wait for the next time!!! Cheers dude!

Max Steel replied...
It was a pleasure meeting you. Definitely ready to get a fitted suit now. Thanks for driving down and thanks for showing me some decent bodybuilding poses. Max

from musclecraver83 [100] on 17 May 2021

Another insanely hot custom vid from Max. Those arms are amazing... so huge! Can't wait to see in person! Thanks!

Max Steel replied...
It was a long awaited sequel. Using the oil definitely showd off the cuts and shape more.

from biglad [142] on 16 May 2021

Another 5 star review from me - he seems to be getting bigger and more vascular each time we cam - looking forward to meeting this monster in person - the sooner the better! Well done mate!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks mate. Lighting from the new location works much better. Almost like using a HD top range camera

from dcbrit [2760] on 16 May 2021

Got my first two custom vids from Max this week and he certainly lives up to expectations! His arms are absolutely massive, and he clearly enjoys showing off his huge, ripped, vascular physique. Highly recommend him if you’re into complete monsters!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks for a great review. The vascularity in my arms, chest and shoulders will show more as the year goes on. Just need to wait for some sun so I can pick up that tan! Max

from bitchcraft96 [265] on 25 April 2021

This review is a bit overdue. I got a couple of videos from Max, and he is HUGE. I’ve always said the Brits do EVERYTHING better. He’s no exception. He was very polite, understanding, and patient with me, and delivered the videos I asked for in a very short amount of time. He understands what power is, and brings it life in such a way that you’re left in pure ecstasy. When the time comes, I will definitely be coming back for more. ?

Max Steel replied...
Hi B, Pleasure as always. Using the tank top to start was a great idea and definitely made the video more effective. Gyms have finally opened in the UK now. Keep watch for new picts! Max

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 20 April 2021

I simply can't fathom his size. Received my new custom request from Max and I think he just keeps getting bigger and harder. He did state the gyms are now open so I can only imagine how much bigger and stronger he is going to get. Extremely friendly and professional. Max loves showing off and it shows in his custom videos.

Max Steel replied...
I'm glad you've noticed my fresh muscle tissue! I'm going to put on as much mass as I can over the next few months. Watch this space! M

from FREDFROMFRANCE [170] on 18 April 2021

another moment of pure happiness in the company of Max ... so pleasant that we don't see the time pass.We'd like time be suspended and it never end

Max Steel replied...
My first week back at the gym and I'm gaining lots of new muscle. Glad you enjoyed. Best, Max

from FREDFROMFRANCE [170] on 11 April 2021

I just had my first CamShow (and it won't be the last) with Max and I had a hell of a slap. What to say that has not already been said about him ... Besides having a huge and extraordinary physique, he is one of the nicest, smiling and pleasant people on this site. He will do everything to put you at ease and satisfy your desires, with the greatest respect. So for all fans of big muscles, don't hesitate for a second: to try it is to adopt it. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. Personally, I can't wait to see him again

Max Steel replied...
Hi Fred, Appreciate your review. Pleasure as always, and thanks for your patience re payment too. Gyms open today so I'll be building new muscle this summer! Thanks again, Max

from adam11989 [65] on 7 April 2021

Just had my first cam session with Max - hands down the best I’ve ever had! The guy is huge! Such a great body on him. Can’t wait to meet with him soon

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Adam. The gyms open up next week so I'll be putting on lots of new muscle this summer. Max

from musclecraver83 [100] on 21 March 2021

Another absolute amazing custom vid from Max. Great turnaround and very friendly interaction.

Incredible body, especially those amazing arms...that front double bicep is just awesome! Will be back for more!!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you for your review. I'm going for 22 inch biceps this summer. Keep watching! Max

from nicegent [425] on 7 March 2021

I reached out to Max for a custom video and he delivered in every possible way. Turnaround time was so quick, the best yet. And since this was the first video I got from him, I gave him a few details, but he more than exceeded my expectations. It felt very natural and effortless. I loved every second of the video.

He is super friendly and approachable. I was blown away by his massive body and how sexy he was showing off. Will definitely have me coming back for more.

Max Steel replied...
Hi Nicegent, happy you liked your first custom video. I'm going to start putting on more musclenow, you will notice in any future vids! Max

from smf27 [140] on 7 March 2021

Thanks for a fantastic third cam show. I enjoyed being dominated by your sheer size.

Max Steel replied...
Hi man, Was good to perform again for you. Using the natural lighting helped this time. Take it easy, Max

from KavanS [1336] on 26 February 2021

Max is simply a stunning guy. Two biceps to die for, and a massive physique. Very communicative, and he's delivered the video in few hours with the specs that I had requested. Highly recommended.

Max Steel replied...
Hi Kavan, I was fortunate that I could make your video very fast. I am glad you enjoyed. Kindest wishes,Max

from loonerportland [305] on 25 February 2021

Loved the first custom video he did, so I had to order another one!

Max always listens carefully to what his clients would like, and carefully integrates it into the video. He is attentive to detail, and aims to please. He is professional, and is quick to respond to requests. For both of the videos I ordered, he gave me a timeframe for turnaround of 24 hours, and I received the video faster than that. Video quality is excellent, very clear. He is literally too big for the screen!

How he looks so amazing during lockdown, I'll never know. But with massive 22" arms, defined abs, his bf has got to be low. He could go on stage right now and win some titles. I know he has won me over, and I can't wait for another vid. I'll need a rewards system soon.

Max Steel replied...
Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed making you second video to the standard you expected. Thanks for the previous feedback, always helps when making the new. Max

from loonerportland [305] on 23 February 2021

Max did a custom video for me. He was extremely personable, professional and willing to please. He carefully incorporated all my requests into the video. He did an amazing job on it! Turn time was about 24 hours, just as he promised.

Max is clearly the biggest guy on tbh. His arms are massive at 22”, massive shoulders and traps. He is a sight to behold. If you like big muscle, Max is your guy.

Max is now my go-to for custom vids

Max Steel replied...
Thank you for your review. It was my pleasure. Look forward to our next custom video. Thanks again! Max

from smf27 [140] on 17 February 2021

Thank you for a second great cam show.

Max Steel replied...
Anytime. Always a pleasure!

from biglad [142] on 10 February 2021

Another great cam show from Max - he modelled a selection of tops for me to see those quite astonishing biceps, pushing 22" now!!! Friendly, reliable and good rates for cams too make him the 'go to' guy especially if you're based in the UK!!

Highly recommended, looking forward to future cams and vids!!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Big lad. Appreciate your support. Once the gyms reopen in the UK I'll get my arms up to 22s! Max

from muscl777 [430] on 10 February 2021

got my first video from Max, it was awesome! he delivered it very quickly and it was a good quality vid...thanks!

Max Steel replied...
Many thanks Muscl777. I was fortunate enough that I could make your video almost instantly. I am glad you enjoyed. Max

from TillXXX [583] on 9 February 2021

My video was okay.

Max Steel replied...
Hi Tillxxx, Thank you for your review and appreciate your feedback via Skype. Your feedback is helpful in making sure I provide the best performances. Best, Max

from Ukshorts [2605] on 8 February 2021

Received my first custom video from Max.

He is truly huge. It is hard to choose which of his muscles are the most impressive, just when you think he couldn't get any better he flexes another muscle and blows your mind. Plus he has a cheeky "I'm everything you want, and I know it" smile.

From initial contact about a custom video through to delivery, Max was extremely friendly and professional.

If you're looking for a real big muscle, Max is your man

Max Steel replied...
Thank you UKshorts! Enjoyed making your video as it was a little different. Thanks again for your review. Best wishes, Max

from alain6901 [6890] on 3 February 2021

Your pecs and arms look terrific after working out in this 4th custom video.
So pumped, so full, so vascular!
I am always very impressed by your size and your rock hard muscles.
I really enjoyed to see you working out with heavy weights.

What I really like about you is that you are a humble guy but your presence on video is truly captivating.
That makes you very different from most guys here.

Thank you for your friendliness and great professionalism.
Much appreciated.
See you again soon in video ;)

Max Steel replied...
Thank you for your review! Yes, I thought it would be a good idea to see my muscles in action. This time! Definitely got the veins pumping! Max

from alain6901 [6890] on 30 January 2021

3rd custom video and I keep wanting more and more!
Your shape is awesome.
Even though gyms are closed in the UK your body looks totally amazing.
You are just huge! Your upper body is totally incredible.
Those arms, those shoulders! Just wow!
Plus I really like the way you pose and show off all your muscles.
Your presence on screen is mindblowing.
You don't need to be arrogant like many many guys on here, you have a natural charisma that puts you way above most guys on thebestflex.

I have started to work with you very recently but I already trust you 100%.
Everything is smooth and easy when interacting with you and you are a really trustworthy guy.
Very highly recommended.
As far as I am concerned, I need to start a loyalty program with you ;)

Max Steel replied...
Thank you my friend. Safe to say that has been my best review yet. I'm not an arrogant man, very humble and genuine. Thanks again for your words of kind. Max

from msclelover [346] on 28 January 2021

Those who say the sequel is never as good as the original obviously haven’t met Max! Had my second show today and just keeps getting better - looking forward to the next one already.

Max Steel replied...
Thank you. Enjoyed flexing in the second show. It was a pleasure. Max

from smf27 [140] on 28 January 2021

I just enjoyed a fantastic show. He totally dominated me. Very friendly, reliable and professional.

Max Steel replied...
Thank you for you feedback. I'm glad you were happy with the show. Max

from musclecraver83 [100] on 28 January 2021

Just received my first custom vid from Max which was received in no time and exactly what I asked for.
Absolutely incredible body with arms that are out of this world! So huge and an amazing presence too!
Will definitely be back for more!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you, I was fortunate enough that I has the opportunity to make your video within just a few hours of receiving payment. Taken straight after the gym hence the size of my arms! Best wishes, Max

from Aquarius65 [110] on 27 January 2021

honestly such a nice guy. he responds quick and he his a massive monster cant wait to see him again

Max Steel replied...
Many thanks. Enjoyed the flex show and pec bounce to the music! Max

from builtim [280] on 27 January 2021

Amazing. This guy is the real deal. He is huge, he is super handsome too. His arms are unbelievable and he's got the charisma that just pushed me over the top. I'm going to be a regular with this guy. You should definitely give him a try too!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you Sir. Enjoyed the flex show. Thanks for the advice with the lighting too. The new spot was much clearer. See you soon, Max

from alain6901 [6890] on 26 January 2021

I just got my 2nd custom video.
Wow I am so amazed!
I am very impressed by your physique. You look stunning!
Your muscles are huge and thick and the vascularity is amazing.
Your upper body is really awesome!
Also I love the way you flex and show off your muscles in a very natural way.
Your presence on screen is captivating.

Dealing with you is very smooth and you are definitely a reliable and friendly guy.
Thanks for all this.
I'm pleased to work with you and I'll be back for more ;)

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Alan, what a great review you have given me. I took the video after a biceps workout today so I think that showed. I will keep on growing in muscle mass and confidence! Max

from tomsaunders [755] on 25 January 2021

Had my first cam show with Max recently. It was super easy to arrange as he is extremely easy to deal with. His body is off the charts and his arms in particular are like nothing I’ve ever seen! Very polite and humble guy too, which is refreshing. I will certainly be back for more!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you Tom. I'm pleased you were happy with your show. I will look forward to flexing again. Best, Max

from Oliver5618 [342] on 23 January 2021

Requested a custom video from Max and he was very responsive and delivered the video as promised. His arms are massive, also very sexy too. I can’t wait to have him make more videos for me. Wish I could feel the power of those massive arms in person.

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Oliver. I try to make custom videos within 24 to 48 hours. Next time I'll show you my arms in action. Max

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 23 January 2021

Received my 2nd custom video and Max truly is a bodybuilder to behold. His body is so built that it just overwhelms you. I love bodybuilders with big muscles and he checks all of the boxes. Like I said before, he is very natural at this and my send scenario was performed just as well as my 1st and he added his personality to the video. Max is one to support. Again, very easy to deal with, delivery was prompt and just a sight to behold !!!!!!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you. I enjoyed making your second video. I thought the slight change in background have it a different feel. Max

from msclelover [346] on 21 January 2021

Had my first show with Max and can only echo the comments below - absolutely amazing. So easy to deal with and a great show as well. Those arms are incredible. Will definitely be back again soon!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks ML. Enjoyed our show too. Look forward to our next flex show. Max

from djmuscleflex [22872] on 21 January 2021

OMG. WOW and WOW. Max is Huge. I ordered my 1st custom video from him and I was not only blown away, but extremely impressed as he made it personal. What I mean is that he addressed me by my name and it was almost as if I was in the same room watching this monster of a man posing in front of me. I just can't comprehend how big he really is but his physique is extremely impressive. Purchasing a custom request video from Max was simple and professional. For being new to this scene, it felt like he had been doing this for a good couple of years. I will be getting more from Max. Max is a good fit for the Best Flex Network.

Max Steel replied...
Thanks DJmuscle. It was a pleasure making your video and I am glad I got to do it straight after my workout too. I will look forward to our next meeting ???? Max

from supercravate [110] on 20 January 2021

Just ordered a short session, to take a peek. I sure will be coming back for more. The looks, the attitude, the MUSCLE MASS! I'll have pleasant dreams tonight.

Max Steel replied...
Thanks for your review Supervtavate. Enjoyed showing off my arms, especially the front double biceps

from meistermax [815] on 20 January 2021

Got in touch with Max and he is really easy to talk to. The custom video was great, on point and his arms are some of the most impressive you can find. So a clear recommendation from my side and i am sure I'll be back for more.
Thanks big man and keep going!

Max Steel replied...
Thanks for your generous words Meistermax. I appreciate a man who likes big arms. Look forward to the next flex. Max

from paulnesis [260] on 18 January 2021

Got a custom video with degrading verbal. Delivery was prompt and his physique is amazing. Treat yourself!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you Paul. I enjoyed making your video. I try to make sure my videos are delivered in 48 hours. Max

from biglad [142] on 18 January 2021

Had a webcam show with Max - deffo one of the biggest lads on the site, and a UK one too which is always good. Massive biceps, which he modelled for me in a supertight top, and had a good chat too - looking forward to meeting up in person post-covid!! Well done mate!

Max Steel replied...
Thank you Biglad. My arms are definitely my strong point. Best wishes, Max

from alain6901 [6890] on 18 January 2021

Your physique is truly amazing.
Such an incredible mass!
I was really impressed by your upper body, your arms and shoulders are so big and so hard.
Thanks for the cutom video.
Take care.

Max Steel replied...
Many thanks Alan. Glad you got in touch. I am glad my physique was to your liking. Max

from alaterra [4235] on 13 January 2021

Purchased an excellent custom video through another site.
Welcome to TheBestFlex

Max Steel replied...
Yes I know the one. Thanks for your review. Best wishes, Max

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Age 35
Height 182cm (6'0")
Weight 110kg (242 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
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