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I finally caught up with Max while I was in London one evening before flying out.

I arranged a hotel and he arrived early ... I met him in hotel reception and I knew when I saw him I was in for a muscle worship experience to better any I had previously. He was dressed in a casual jacket, tailored business attire and an oversized polo shirt. He greeted me like a long lost friend and instantly put me at ease.

We went to the room and he took off his jacket ... I was mesmerized by the sheer size of those 22" guns. He was a vascular and striated -- I would think that give him two weeks and he would step on stage and win any competition. He is a true hhuuggee bodybuilder ... not bulk but super lean and displaying extremely body fat levels.

Max flexed his arms, pecs, vacuumed his abs and flexed those mighty quads. His double bicep and overhead arm poses are incredible!

Max put on some oil which only enhanced his tanned muscles, vascularity and striations. I was in heaven.

To sum up ... if you wish to see a near competition bodybuilder up real close, feel hard pumped 22" guns and slabs of muscle for pecs, plus 6 pac abs then Max is the man for you

I'll be seeing him again and again.

ozmstud [156] on 14 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks buddy. The most detailed review yet! Next time I'll be sure to have some sugars so you'll see what REAL vascularity looks like!

I got a custom video from Bjorn. Guy is as big as a tank, giant biceps, huge chiseled chest, sexy British accent. This guy is great, and he's so easy to communicate with too. He's built like a beast, and I know I'll be purchasing more from him down the road especially for his phenomenal biceps.

MasterMarcus17 [505] on 12 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Marcus! Look forward to making the biceps workout video next. Pleasure as always. Max

the musclequality is out of this world! very professional and nice guys, musclegod of the big boys!

Philipp [1420] on 3 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers and thanks for your support. M

I just had another awesome session with Max. He really knows how to dominate.

smf27 [186] on 30 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks mate, I'm probably in my best shape yet!

Another perfect transaction with Max in personalized video. The videos he’s done for me were fantastic, an incredible job. He’s open minded, a pleasure to work with. Hard to believe, but Max is even more beautiful in movement than in his photos. It keeps getting better in every new video, I love it and it's one of the best experiences and most professional models on tbf. Once again very happy. Highest recommended

FREDFROMFRANCE [178] on 30 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thank you Fred, and thanks for your patience. Appreciate your kind words also. Message me anytime for some progress shots. Happy to send. Best wishes x

You guys, I asked for a vid of biceps and this man delivered BICEPS.

Started off in a sweatshirt that could not hide the massive arms, and then stretched out a 5XL shirt. Max, that was insane! Brilliant way to show off the muscle. Then it was all pumping and flexing those guns, it was perfect! I need to watch this again...flex em HUGE!!!

Brandon078 [522] on 26 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers B! I filmed this during my lunch hour. A few colleagues commented on my veins when I went back into the office! Haha. Anytime, glad you enjoyed the flex

Another meet with Max, and another chance to see those massive 21" arms blow up close up!!! His vascularity is amazing, he got really pumped this time and he looked like he was about to burst!!! Great guy, great time - see you again soon!

biglad [203] on 20 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks man, the chocolate bar right before our meet certainly helped! One of my little tricks haha. I don't know how the last tshirt didn't rip!

If you're into arms, Max is your go-to muscle guy! You won't be able to get your head - or both hands - around his massive biceps and triceps. I met him in person and couldn't believe my eyes. Rock hard, veiny and perfect. What a gentleman, and a total fucking god!

benoit3 [1687] on 25 Feb 2024

Max Steel replied...
Ah my pleasure. I'm glad we got to meet and thanks for the gift! I'm working hard to put another inch on my arms... I'll see if I can do it for when you're next in the UK. Max

I bought 2 custom videos this week from Max. WOW ! I was amazed by this perfect guy. First of all, he is very nice, easy to talk to, respectful, caring by what you want. The second video was even better than the first, I had exactly what I wanted. Physicaly matching with the pics on this site. You can trust him, you won't be disappointed. Really the perfect lovely guy ! I hope I will continu to work with him ;-)

aixois1978 [641] on 25 Feb 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks buddy. I especially enjoyed making your second video. All 20 minutes of it! Certainly gave me a good lung workout! Haha.

Woow... Er ist unglaublich stark und schön. Ich hatte ein persönliches Video heute mit ihm. Ich bin immer noch verblüft von seiner Kraft und Muskelgrösse. Seine gewaltigen Arme... Seine schöne Brust... Sein definierter sixpack.. sein sexy Knackarsch.. sein sympatisches Lachen und Gesicht.. seine Anziehungskraft und Perfektion seines machtvollen Körpers. Er ist voll genial und erotisch. Freue mich auf das nächste Mal du superman

Om74 [1840] on 24 Feb 2024

Max Steel replied...
Danke schön! Es war eine gute Idee, sich für den letzten Teil des Videos auf dem Bett zu beugen. Ich freue mich, dass dir dein erstes individuelles Video gefallen hat!

I met with Max recently after getting a few custom videos from him over the years. Absolutely blown away by the big guy! Max is a really nice guy with huge patience for those of us who are obsessed with his muscles - and what muscles they are! The man is sculpted head to toe and he knows how to flex it. I’m still thinking about his huge arms - those biceps have to be seen to be believed (or even better, felt!). I spent two amazing hours exploring his physique and am already looking forward to the next time. 100% recommend!

Alimacx [1755] on 13 Feb 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks man! It was my pleasure and I'm glad we finally got to meet. Have to say, the lighting in the bathroom really brought out the vascularity and definition! Wish I'd taken a photo. All the best, Max

A Welcome return to the biggest of the bestflex boys! Had a few meet ups with Max and every time he never fails to impress. His size & vascularity is amazing, with biceps that look morphed but really ARE that big!!!! Plus he's friendly and communication is great - a brilliant all rounder, comes highly recommended! Looking forward to the next one already!

biglad [203] on 11 Feb 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thank you my friend & Thanks for your support. I'm training super hard this year to add another Inch on my arms! Hope to see you soon. Best wishes, Max

I had the good fortune to meet Max Steel in person last month. DO NOT HESITATE to meet and/or do business with this down to earth, accommodating, respectful, spectacular guy!
Max looks EVEN BETTER than the photos posted here. Despite some hiccups (all on my part), Max did everything asked to fulfill my requests in an unhurried, no pressure manner. It was like two mates hanging out discussing bodybuilding & working out, with extra ;-) He is extremely well proportioned (and does not skip leg day) but as others have pointed out his arms are AMAZING. His conditioning was superb, with pronounced abs and traceable veins all over; he could step on stage (and win) today and says he prefers staying as close to this kind of shape year round.
I'll definitely look forward to a second meetup, and you shouldn't hesitate to arrange your own either.

britindc [4267] on 17 Oct 2021

Max Steel replied...
Fabulous review! Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you. I've always said I'm much better in real life. Hope all is well over in USA. Best wishes, Max

Another INCREDIBLE Skype show - total musclegod! Pumped from the gym and those ARMS!!!
Can't wait to meet in person! Thanks so much Max!

musclecraver83 [105] on 15 Oct 2021

Max Steel replied...
Flexing for the full 20 minutes was definitely a good shout! Coco oil worked a treat too. Look forward to our flex meet! Max

Had two customs so far. Max has got Biceps for daaaaaaaays! :) Thank you!

chompsticks.15 [2341] on 6 Oct 2021

Max Steel replied...
Thanks my friend. I'm still growing! Bring on the 22 inch biceps!

I had a skype show with him. He's massive.Those arms are so HUGE! The rest of his body is as ripped and muscular. That was a fantastic show. Cheers man

iheatrad.97 [5020] on 2 Oct 2021

Max Steel replied...
Cheers man! Hopefully one day I'll hit 23 inches cold!

Thanks for yet another stunning show.

smf27 [186] on 26 Sep 2021

Max Steel replied...
Thanks for being a loyal customer my man

Oh wow. Fresh from our arranged SKYPE show. This man is an Adonis. The most incredibly muscular, and vascular peaked body. Astounding! Phew. x

musclefanmarc [315] on 13 Sep 2021

Max Steel replied...
Cheers for your sunspot man! I want to keep improving and keep on growing. Thanks for the compliments

Just finished a camshow with this marvellous fellow; and he did not disappoint in the least. Simply put; he is incredible! He knows what worshippers want, and knows how to deliver the sexiest muscle worship experience out there! He is very respectful, polite, down to earth, and easy to get along with. A true gentleman, and a muscle-beast to boot. This was my first camshow with max, and I look forward to many more in the future!

keylinks [255] on 11 Sep 2021

Max Steel replied...
Cheers my man. I wanted to be as full as possible so timing the show straight from the gym was a must! Glad we got a chance to talk too. Starting a new program tomorrow to put on as much muscle as possible!

I ordered a custom 15-min bicep video, and WOWW!! Max is HUGE and RIPPED!! His arms are EYE-POPPING, and the rest of him is DIZZYING-- a true GOD of GODS!! The video was in full-screen, extremely high quality, which Max delivered in just a day. Extremely friendly and accommodating, Max sets the GOLD-STANDARD for worship!!

armon88 [11810] on 10 Sep 2021

Max Steel replied...
Thanks man, I'm glad you're happy. I've done so many shows now I know how to get the lighting and angles exactly right. Catch up soon. Max

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