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I have just received a custom video from max. It was my first video and I must say, this guy is really worrh the money. He was really honest and he bought a shirt to burst out of it. His biceps are huge and the sleeves were tore apart. I recommend this guy 100%. He is in shape, just like you can see in the pictures. 5 stars ofc.

corelli [320] on 10 Jul 2024

Max Steel replied...
Hi mate, have just sent you an email. Thanks for feedback. Will get the additional video over to you ASAP. Cheers mate!

Having previously had a muscle worship session with Max, I had to come back for more. 2 hours this time, and it still wasn't enough! Definitely fulfilled all my desires.

This dude is even bigger than when I saw him last, and that takes some doing! Definite growth in the pecs and biceps. Every pose you see something more in his colossal size. Said it before and will say it again, this guy has to be seen to be believed. His legs are awesome, and amazingly powerful. Unbelievable.

All through the process and during both sessions, Max has been so calming, accommodating, and a real gent. Respect his boundaries, and he will deliver!!!!

Also had a custom video a few weeks ago! Again, well worth it, and full of him filling the lense and bulging out of his shirt!!!

Will definitely be back for more, and would recommend anyone who wants to fulfil their fantasies of immense muscle worship, to meet with Max.

Joshyboy [45] on 1 Jul 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thank you mate. New training programme seems to be going well. Definitely feeling a lot fuller in my upper body. Take care. Max

i’ve ordered several videos from max and every single one has been amazing! he’s kind, accommodating, and quick to respond. not to mention he’s absolutely massive and super vascular, with seriously some of the hottest arms i’ve ever seen. i wish i didn’t live an entire ocean away—i can only imagine how mind blowing it would be to meet up with him! get in touch with this muscle stud, i promise you won’t regret it.

meme6880 [685] on 20 Jun 2024

Max Steel replied...
My pleasure. I'll let you know if I visit the US anytime soon mate. My videos don't do me justice. Much better in real life.

Did a Skype video chat with Max what body great arms his is contest ready great guy. Quick response . Will do a meet can’t wait.

Muscle fan79 [73] on 14 Jun 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers mate, look forward to trying on the Superman outfit!

Honestly, I don't regret the day I met Max... he's one of the kindest and enormous guy I've ever known. I can't wait to do a camshow with him again and why not meet him in person in London during my next trip

FREDFROMFRANCE [184] on 13 Jun 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Fred! Hopefully we'll sort a meet one day. Just give me a shout if you make it to the UK.

As this was my first ever experience of meeting a bodybuilder and having the chance to finally fulfil a long-time dream of getting up close and personal with someone, I’m glad I done it with Max, it was well worth the wait and I’m glad to see him back on TBF.

Just to echo the other reviews of meet ups with Max, you will not be disappointed in any way.

When I arrived he greeted me at the door and boy did he fill that doorframe… this guy is beyond huge. From the get-go he makes you feel at ease and doesn’t rush you in anyway, he is very much at your service and as long as you abide by the rules he is a very easy going guy.

The hoody Max was wearing was clearly a multiple XL in size but done nothing to hide the fact that underneath it all was a physique that can only be seen to believe it exists, once it was peeled off I was truly in awe at what I was seeing. Just seeing him having to turn sideways to get through doors was enough to get the heart racing and we hadn’t even started yet.

At no point did I feel uncomfortable or made to feel awkward as Max has a great gift of being able to calm nerves through good conversations and going at the pace you decide.

His strength is something else, I’ve not been carried since I was a kid and Max effortlessly picked me up (80kg) as if I was a bag of shopping… I felt like Rose on the Titanic flying through the air. This was truly an experience I will never forget and will definitely, definitely be back for more in time. Booking it all through TBF with the Flex Check system was a huge piece of mind knowing it was all safe and secure.

Don’t be like me and put it off if this is something you want to do, I denied myself the chance years and years ago but as I said at the start, I’m pleased to have shared the experience with Max.


John B [245] on 13 Jun 2024

Max Steel replied...
Hey mate! Good meeting you last night. Enjoyed trying on the tops. Especially the last one! Don't know how I got it on. Sure we'll catch up soon man. Take it easy x

I'm watching my second video again, and I'm blown away at what this man can do with a shirt. You guys, his muscles are so huge. There is no hiding this mass. It's almost unfair that one man is this big and beautiful. Thank you!!!

Brandon078 [597] on 2 Jun 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers B, thought I would try something a little different. Glad you liked it! Will send updates via Skype mate

Oh my God, where do I start? This is my first experience of muscle worship. From the day I sent a flex check to Max, he has been a true gent. Really accommodating, and great on communication. As I watched Max walk across the car park towards me, his sheer size was amazing to see, and has to be seen to be believed. His images on the website really do not do him justice at all. The biceps are phenomenal, and I've never seen anybody so big in my life. I think it’s fair to say, Max doesn’t have biceps, he has boulders. This guy has to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.

With it be my first time, I was really nervous. Max immediately put me at ease and made me feel really relaxed. There's not 1 ounce of body fat on this guy. His entire physique truly is amazing.

His strength is really something you need to experience. If you are looking for the ultimate, and I mean, ultimate in muscle worship, Max is your guy. Genuine, accommodating, and so relaxing to be around. I will definitely be back for more. The only thing I will say, is one hour with this hunk is definitely not enough

A truly amazing physique, but over and above all of this, Max truly is a genuinely, genuinely nice guy, very easy to talk to, and easily the biggest guy in the gym. A truly unforgettable and unbelievable experience.


Joshyboy [45] on 31 May 2024

Max Steel replied...
Wow! What a review... It was a pleasure meeting you mate & glad you had a great experience. Look forward to making your custom video. I don't think I have ripped a shirt with my lats before! See you again soon x

Just got my first custom from Max and WOW! Not only is he jacked AF, he really knows how to work the camera! Amazing video, looking forward to more! 🔥

veinlvr [35797] on 29 May 2024

Max Steel replied...
I've just started a new program in the gym to put on MORE lean tissue. I'm hoping to add an extra inch on my arms this summer. Thanks for your review mate!

Just had my first Skype show with Max. How did I miss this handsome sexy giant? I only ever look for videos on the site and Max does not have any. So glad I found him. Handsome, huge and responsive. Sexy voice and incredible veins and abs especially but it's hard to know where to look as it's all so good. His show was fantastic. Recommended.

gardenweasel1 [3035] on 21 May 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers mate! Morning flex is when I'm at my leanest, hence why my abs were so deep! Have a great day!x

Just had another enjoyable cam show with him. He really knows how to dominate.

smf27 [196] on 9 May 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks S. Enjoy our shows. See you soon.

Just received my custom flex video from Max. I wasn't disappointed!
He is even more shredded and vascular than when I saw him in person five weeks ago.
Hhuuggee 22" hard vascular arms, 8 brick hard abs that he vacuums, double overhead and single arm bicep poses to die for.
If I can't see Max in person, I'll certainly order more custom videos!
Thank you Max!!! 💪

ozmstud [161] on 5 May 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers mate. Next video I'll use the oil. Look forward to our next meet. Current putting on more mass. Will update you with photos. Max

Had numerous cam shows and videos from Max. He is a huge guy. Amazing body, especially those biceps. And such a friendly guy as well. One of the best.

alexp [396] on 4 May 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Alex! Look forward to the next flex. See you soon x

I got a new video from Max. He's so massive be fills the whole screen, biceps like granite peaks with veins exploding all over him in immense vascularity. He's a giant muscle god, flexing and posing with a killer smile and beautiful eyes. He pulls back to show off his washboard abs, it's incredible, he's incredible, hit him up he's totally worth the price, and is really nice to talk to too.

MasterMarcus17 [640] on 27 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers buddy! Probably the first custom video I've made where I've done the vacuum. Will send you some regular progress shots man. M

I finally caught up with Max while I was in London one evening before flying out.

I arranged a hotel and he arrived early ... I met him in hotel reception and I knew when I saw him I was in for a muscle worship experience to better any I had previously. He was dressed in a casual jacket, tailored business attire and an oversized polo shirt. He greeted me like a long lost friend and instantly put me at ease.

We went to the room and he took off his jacket ... I was mesmerized by the sheer size of those 22" guns. He was a vascular and striated -- I would think that give him two weeks and he would step on stage and win any competition. He is a true hhuuggee bodybuilder ... not bulk but super lean and displaying extremely body fat levels.

Max flexed his arms, pecs, vacuumed his abs and flexed those mighty quads. His double bicep and overhead arm poses are incredible!

Max put on some oil which only enhanced his tanned muscles, vascularity and striations. I was in heaven.

To sum up ... if you wish to see a near competition bodybuilder up real close, feel hard pumped 22" guns and slabs of muscle for pecs, plus 6 pac abs then Max is the man for you

I'll be seeing him again and again.

ozmstud [161] on 14 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks buddy. The most detailed review yet! Next time I'll be sure to have some sugars so you'll see what REAL vascularity looks like!

I got a custom video from Bjorn. Guy is as big as a tank, giant biceps, huge chiseled chest, sexy British accent. This guy is great, and he's so easy to communicate with too. He's built like a beast, and I know I'll be purchasing more from him down the road especially for his phenomenal biceps.

MasterMarcus17 [640] on 12 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks Marcus! Look forward to making the biceps workout video next. Pleasure as always. Max

the musclequality is out of this world! very professional and nice guys, musclegod of the big boys!

Philipp [1470] on 3 Apr 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers and thanks for your support. M

I just had another awesome session with Max. He really knows how to dominate.

smf27 [196] on 30 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thanks mate, I'm probably in my best shape yet!

Another perfect transaction with Max in personalized video. The videos he’s done for me were fantastic, an incredible job. He’s open minded, a pleasure to work with. Hard to believe, but Max is even more beautiful in movement than in his photos. It keeps getting better in every new video, I love it and it's one of the best experiences and most professional models on tbf. Once again very happy. Highest recommended

FREDFROMFRANCE [184] on 30 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Thank you Fred, and thanks for your patience. Appreciate your kind words also. Message me anytime for some progress shots. Happy to send. Best wishes x

You guys, I asked for a vid of biceps and this man delivered BICEPS.

Started off in a sweatshirt that could not hide the massive arms, and then stretched out a 5XL shirt. Max, that was insane! Brilliant way to show off the muscle. Then it was all pumping and flexing those guns, it was perfect! I need to watch this again...flex em HUGE!!!

Brandon078 [597] on 26 Mar 2024

Max Steel replied...
Cheers B! I filmed this during my lunch hour. A few colleagues commented on my veins when I went back into the office! Haha. Anytime, glad you enjoyed the flex

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