biceps, young bodybuilder,

23, 180cm (5'11"), 95kg (209 lbs)

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biceps, young bodybuilder,


Private Flex Show

Private Flex Show


SALE! $22.49 $24.99

Flexing For You

Flexing For You


SALE! $26.99 $29.99


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About me

I will start with competition diet in February. I will do a
flexing video every week. You can see my progress. I use skrill For payments.
See you soon xoxo.


from Ryans [505] on 10 February 2019

Another custom vid - another satisfaction!
This guy knows how to please with his muscles and atitude...
You should realy pay atention to his amazing gunz. They are beyond huge and still amazingly shredded...with thick veins all over...
His glutes are massive as well as his hams and quads...but wait till you see his calves - simply insane!
And the best thing is - he is aware of his strong parts and will let you know about that...
Among all of it, he is a very nice guy...easy to deal and always aiming to please...
You cannot go wrong with him!

Thanks M. for another great experience!

from Ryans [505] on 9 February 2019

M. is simply incredible!

I ordered a custom video from him and he delivered within a few hours and did more than a great job!
He is getting ready for spring competition and looks great already...

massive bis, huuuge legs and amazing muscle control only experienced bodybuilder can offer...

Give him a shout! You will be amazed! I certainly will come back!

Mobydick replied...
Thank you, very much. I am happy for your satisfaction.

from MuscleloverII [146] on 3 September 2017

He is back! And bigger, better and stronger!
Already did a show and asked for a video! Incredible!

from DBs [10817] on 8 August 2016

I got my first video from Mobydick! He is amazing!! He is absolutely charming! Fantastic body, huge arms and great performance! After watch the video, I was sure it will be just the first one of a huge collection!!!

from frskyfeler [45] on 6 August 2016

Moby is awesome. Very friendly guy and also a BIG dude! Sure does like to flex alot, i don't know how he does it, but he sure went out of his way to make sure you enjoy all his hard work. Thanks buddy!

Mobydick replied...
Thank you very much :)

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Age 23
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 95kg (209 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


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