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27, 173cm (5'8"), 82kg (180 lbs)

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Musclelover has 59 reviews.

from gigator39 [60] on 6 July 2018

I just got my second custom video from Musclelover. This one was even better than the first. Again very professional and smooth transaction. He's a very trustworthy and professional guy. Not to mention an awesome performer. Wonderful to interact with.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed the vid! see you soon.

from VentusHeart [431] on 3 June 2018

After many online shows with MuscleLover, I finally got "real life" with him... That was an amazing experience!!!

First impression: he's thick!!! Really thick (the camera actually makes him look thinner)... You instantly feel like a pipsqueak in front of me. He struts like a model in a commercial and he has a really sweet aura.

He's quickly welcoming and friendly; you can ask him anything, he does it for you... Hard to not fall for him when he stares at you!!! The whole worship session was a nice and cosy moment. I felt a bit disturb but he easily made me feel comfortable.

His body is the definition of aesthetic: big everywhere (really everywhere...) You will be shook by the size of his arms : maybe the biggest i've ever witnessed... And ofc his pecs are iconic!!!

I highly recommend MuscleLover : he could be a reference of Paris' gay tourism.

Little hack: he gives really great hugs ????

Musclelover replied...
Merci beaucoup! content que tu aies apprécié! à bientôt!

from BBworship [23] on 15 May 2018

Finally after a couple of years away from Paris I got to meet this fine young man again. My 4th time, each one more pleasant. A relaxing afternoon, chatting and admiring his 10 kilo gain since we met last time. Wider, thicker and a delight grabbing those huge pecs....a must on every trip....

Musclelover replied...
Thank you! I was glad to see you again! Will get 10 more kilos next time :)

from geoduck_007 [1026] on 13 March 2018

I had the opportunity to meet MuscleLover in Paris, and while I know its a cliche, his photos do not do him justice! Yes, he's gorgeous, but he's also incredibly striking and articulate to boot. I was unusually nervous, but his natural instinct and gentleman qualities were soothing. He's a must see in Paris and I hope he continues to publish through the site

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much! was a nice moment and I'm glad you enjoyed the meet!

from gigator39 [60] on 13 March 2018

I got a custom video from Musclelover a little bit ago. He came through and did exactly what I asked and created a great video for me. Honestly better than I even imagined. He's very easy to work with and had great communication and a fantastically fast turn around. If you haven't done a show or video with him you definitely should asap. 5 stars no question. I'll definitely be back for more in the future!

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thanks a lot for the nice review! I'm super happy you enjoyed the video. Can't wit for more! See you soon!

from Manvers.16 [221] on 12 March 2018

Totak ADONIS sexgod Musclestud

Musclelover replied...
Hey! thank you!

from bicepsfan [1133] on 4 February 2018

This man keeps getting bigger and bigger. Giving me even more muscle to worship. He loves to make his fans happy. Definitely worth meeting him.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much! see you soon!

from jonny [45] on 22 January 2018

Have had a couple of great videos from Musclelover!! Quick, great quality and the man can pose!! Fantastic pecs!!

Musclelover replied...
Hello, thanks! Glad you liked those big pecs :)

from Drhays [410] on 21 January 2018

I haven’t come down from the muscle high after a recent meet up. He’s sweet, too... Krispy Kreme sweet. He’s the complete package.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you for the kind and sweet words! see you soon!

from Dotchie [288] on 13 January 2018

I will definitely give this great man stars. I received some three videos of him over the past months, and each one was delivered very fast. It was a pleasure to see how he enjoyed in making the videos. What I like most are his large pecs and his huge arms. If you are into pec bounce, ask this huge man!

Musclelover replied...
Hi! thank you very much! i am very pleased that you liked the video! see you soon!

from VentusHeart [431] on 5 January 2018

This is my second video with MuscleLover, I can tell you he's my new It boy in the world of the muscle guys...

Physically, MuscleLover gives me a bit of Marlon Brandon (think of his tight t-shirts) with a latin flavour :)
He slowly starts the show and your mind is guaranteed to be blown when you see the size of his arms...
Everything about his body is harmonious : big biceps, wide shoulders... and here comes his super duper double bubble butt!!!
You don't need to give him many details about what you want: just imagine and he literally makes it!!!
The guy knows how to pose, he really gets into the seduction game (not just to show off)

I highly recommend him.

Thanks again and see you very soon.

Musclelover replied...
Wow, thank you so much for the nice review! super glad you enjoyed the vid! Hope to see you soon!

from musclefan91 [37] on 9 December 2017

reviewing a custom video i got from him a few weeks ago. the video was awesome and he honoured all of my requests and then some. he genuinely loves his muscle which makes showing it off that much sexier.

The best thing about Musclelover is that he is obsessed with growing. Every time I cam with him he's getting bigger. Gets me excited to see him again and again and see how he's grown.

Musclelover replied...
Hello! thank you very much for the review, always great to read positive feedback.

from bicepsfan [1133] on 16 November 2017

I just had another incredible meeting with this handsome hunk. He's off-the-scale-sexy and knows exactly how to please his muscle fans. He's always aiming to please which makes him the perfect muscle toy to play with.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thank very much dear friend. I hope to see you soon!

from Marco R [26] on 15 November 2017

Very sexy and great flexing….! Would love to have a real worship session with you. Is that possible?

Musclelover replied...
Hi! thank you! Yes it's totally possible for real!

from lcathson.81 [10] on 15 October 2017

I just got a custom video from Musclelover, and it is amazing. Aside from being incredibly good looking and having an awesome and huge body, he managed to do everything I asked for, with an good understanding of what I was going for. The amount of connection you feel when someone gets where you're coming from is a great bonus. His rates are very reasonable, and he got it made and sent off to me in within about a day. All in all I'm extremely happy.

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thank you very much! was a pleasure to make your video. I'm glad you enjoyed it! See you soon for more!

from LE95 [107] on 2 September 2017

I received a custom video from Musclelover which exceeded all expectations! The video thoroughly covered all of my requests, and more, I was blown away! On top of the amazing video, I found that communication with Musclelover was so easy, and he's great to talk to! Highly recommend that anyone reading this review gives this guy a try, you will not be disappointed!

Musclelover replied...
hey! Thank you very much. I'm very happy enjoyed the vid as much as i do. Thanks for those kind compliments. See you very soon!

from Chocco12345 [365] on 17 August 2017

I ordered a custom video a while ago and am just now getting around to leaving a review, but I can say that in all the time that has passed, I still enjoy the video just as much as when I first got it! Musclelover has excellent rates and provides EXCELLENT service! Obviously, he's drop dead gorgeous with that handsome face, soulful eyes (ask him to wear his glasses--you'll drool!), and all those sculpted squeezable muscles--not to mention a dynamite ass and a beautiful cock! But in addition to that, he puts a lot of effort into fulfilling your fantasies. I'm particularly fond of dirty talk, and when I asked him for that, he gave me some of the most effective dirty talk I've ever heard! And with that accent, oh boy, that just pushed it to the next level. To put it simply, he has all the goods and he knows exactly how to use them to satisfy you completely. On top of that, he's very warm and friendly and smart, and he conducts his business very professionally. I couldn't recommend him more!

Musclelover replied...
Hello! Wow, so many nice words! Thank you very much, it's so nice of you to say. I'm glad you enjoyed the video and still do! Hope to see you soon for more :) Have a good day!

from Drhays [410] on 6 August 2017

You can improve on perfection. I have been doing shows/videos/meet ups with Musclelover for a few months. The first one was perfect and each subsequent encounter gets better. He continues to add muscle and seems to get hotter and hotter each time I see him. In addition to the amazing aesthetics, he is a pleasure to be with: kind, intelligent, engaging. I can't say enough good things about him.

Musclelover replied...
Hi Doc! Such nice things to read! Thank you very much. I'm super happy that you enjoyed our time together as i did. See you very soon!

from novatet [5] on 6 August 2017

I got a custom video from him last night and he did everything I wanted! He was very kind, affordable and very quick with delivering the video. I highly recommend this guy, his body is amazing and his smile is so cute!

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the video. Hope to see you soon for more! Thank you again.

from jaymanlb [490] on 7 July 2017

Wow... he is an amazingly beautiful man and knows how to make amazingly erotic muscle worship videos that are completely personalized . He is a warm, friendly and pleasant man to deal with and his smile and personality match his beautiful masculine and muscular body. He loves muscle himself, so he knows what he should and can give. Merci!

Musclelover replied...
Hey Jay! Such nice words! Thanks a lot, I'm supper happy if you enjoyed! Was fun. Hope to see you soon!

from hypnopowerman [525] on 6 July 2017

Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Highly recommended! If you like Role play custom videos, then look no further. He followed the script I gave him and He made my fantasy role play into reality. He's an honest and open minded man who really knows how to communicate with his fans. Looking forward to many many custom videos from him.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! thank you very much! Im glad you enjoy the video. Your script was hot and very good, so it was easy to follow :) See you soon for the next adventures!

from bluewolf76 [330] on 5 July 2017

My first custom made video with this beautiful sexy man was excellent ! I ordered a 40 minute custom video with a detailed script and he delivered !
Musclelover is stunning- beautiful eyes, sexy full lips, handsome face...very sexy voice! Sexy natural muscle physique- hot big nipples and a very sexy muscle bubble butt ! If you are a top and you are looking for something more than the standard flex show from a straight performer then this guy is for you. He is gay and knows exactly what a man wants! He was very easy to do business with and delivered the video the next day. Camera is HD, lighting and sound were all great. It's a pleasure to work with a gay model who is respectful, polite and genuine and really really sexy ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

Musclelover replied...
Thanks a lot for your nice words! It was a great pleasure to perfrom for you! Hope to see you soon!

from oriapplepie [95] on 9 June 2017

A new fav+!
I received my first custom video last night and it's crazily hot! The dirty talk and role play are tastful and seductive! And I learned a few French vocabs! Definitely gonna get more oral French lessons from u!

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much! i'm glad you can learn french while having fun time ;)

from Drhays [410] on 6 May 2017

I had a wonderful meet up experience with Mulsclelover. After seeing his photos and doing a cam show, I simply had to meet him. The experience lived up to the fantasy I had built up in my imagination. He is every bit as impossibly handsome as he appears in his photos. As if that isn't enough, he is one of the kindest, sweetest, most open and honest people I have met. And then then there are the eyes--I got lost in them. This is not a guy you can meet and forget.

Musclelover replied...
Hey Doc, Thank you so much for your kind review. I'm happy you enjoyed those moments with me. Thank you for thoses many compliments! See you very soon!

from Can I Feel Your Bicep [90] on 11 April 2017

I was lucky enough to meet him for a second time - we actually spent a few days together. HE'S THE SEXIEST MAN I'VE EVER MET. I describe him as "irresistible". He's so handsome. With an incredibly sexy body. But when you see how intelligent he is too, you realise he's quite simply perfect. I'm already planning my next meet up with him.

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thank you so much! Looking forward for our next meet!

from Bbing1 [50] on 26 March 2017

What can I say about this Muscle God! He's brilliant. Really accommodating in videos. Ordered a few custom videos that have certainly not disappointed. Very polite, incredible body and great personality! You've got to get in touch with him. Gay men know what Gay men wants, him being Gay himself adds to the videos.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait for your next request :) See you soon!

from s1conrad [154] on 12 March 2017

I just returned from a European holiday, and one of the highlights was meeting MuscleLover. He met me at my hotel & we spent over an hour together. Let me say first, he is even HOTTER person--he had beautiful olive skin, large gorgeous brown eyes, and luscious red lips. In addition to his swarthy
good looks, he has a great symmetrical body--thick biceps and quads + rock hard pecs. He's training to get bigger & loves to flex. Above all, he's a great person -- easy to talk to and speaks excellent English. We discussed architecture and French cinema between passionate kisses. I hope to visit Paris again, and see this amazing man.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you Very Much my friend, was a very great meeting, had a good time! Hope we'll can do it again soon with my new bigger muscles :) See you!!

from Bbing1 [50] on 12 March 2017

He's a very friendly and accommodating guy. Very efficient! Would love to have another video. Don't have Skype so can't order another. Would love an email address to connect with.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thanks a lot for your kind words. Please, write me at if you need anything. See you!

from elicon 123 [20] on 7 February 2017

sexy as hell

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thank you very much!

from s1conrad [154] on 8 January 2017

I am new to Skype. Musclelover made it very easy for me & is a great communicator. He's stunningly built and likes to show off. I hope to see him soon:}}

Musclelover replied...
Heu! Thank you very much, was a pleasure to flex for you :) See you soon!

from mmari [70] on 27 December 2016

the best muscle control ever....
the way he can control his pecs and biceps is AMAZING

Musclelover replied...
Thank you!

from plh [250] on 7 December 2016

Just received first custom video and MuscleLover did not disappoint! He did just what I desired and the quality of the video is great. A handsome guy with a great body. Everyone should give him a try

Musclelover replied...
I'm really glad you enjoy! Was real pleasure to do it! Hope to see you soon!

from plh [250] on 7 December 2016

Just received a custom video from Musclelover and it exceeded my expectations. He did just as I ordered and the quality of the video is first rate. This is one handsome guy, both face and body. Everyone should get on the Musclelover train!

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to perform for you! Hope to see you soon again!

from rubeng2016 [225] on 7 December 2016

Had amazing1 on 1 showswith this superman :) So incredible and amazing and not just his god like muscles. Very willing to please and accommodate to what you want, and leaves you wanting more. A very special man, so happy with the time we spent together and can't wait for more.

Musclelover replied...
I can't wait for more neither! Thank you very much for this kind review!

from Can I Feel Your Bicep [90] on 24 November 2016

I was lucky enough to meet this handsome young man in Pairs. He's even more beautiful in real life than in his pics. But what makes him so addictive is his genuine love of flexing and being worshipped. In fact, he's so addictive, I booked a second session the day after! He provides an amazing muscle worship experience. One that I won't forget. And I'll definitely be back for more soon!

Musclelover replied...
I was the one who was lucky enough to be worshipped hard by you! Thanks agin for the nice time!

from Ldaloi [5] on 16 November 2016

Just had an amazing show with this young man. As a gay man, he is very different from the others models on this site and knows exactly how to please others muscles fans. Also, he's just want to get bigger and better, not to compete but just to pleasuring us! I know my money were well spend. Looking forward to come to Paris of a meet-up!

Musclelover replied...
Thanks a lot man! I really enjoyed this session with you too. Please let me know when you come back! see you soon!

from mango50 [120] on 16 November 2016

Wow! Musclelover gave me a fantastic video and worked hard to make it what I wanted. You can't go wrong with him. He's friendly, responsive, and looks great. Let those seductive dark eyes draw you in. :)

Musclelover replied...
I'm very glad you enjoyed! Thank you for this nice review. Looking forward to do something for you again!

from rubeng2016 [225] on 23 October 2016

We did a cam show today and it was excellent. Good picture quality and lighting. Great posing and reasonable prices. Considerate and honest! Handsome and hot! Highly recommended.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thanks a lot for this nice review! Was a pleasure to perform for you. See you soon!

from BBworship [23] on 18 October 2016

I'm in Paris every year and NEVER miss meeting up with this young man. Love watching him grow and that he's totally into his body and having me worship, service him. Loves showing off and will force your face right between his huge pecs....don't miss him either online or in Paris.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much my friend, always a pleasure to share my muscles with you! Glad you enjoyed, can't wait for the next time!

from chakeman [15] on 22 May 2016

It's amazing how this man can be as sweet as rough. I had an excellent moment, nice talking, huge flexing, and I recommend every guys who go to Paris to meet him! Thanks again

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much! Really enjoyed to flex for you! See you soon.

from Saltimbanco75 [5] on 19 March 2016

Very nice contact, uncomplicated. Can recommend him absolutely, very hot guy

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thank you very much glad you like. Come back anytime!

from davparis [5] on 15 February 2016

Garçon charmant, et très sexy.

Musclelover replied...
Merci beaucoup! À bientôt! :)

from Adam95 [35] on 24 February 2015

i totally want this boy he is really mine! :) ;) <3

Musclelover replied...
Thanks! See you soon :)

from Adam95 [35] on 27 January 2015

I love this sexy guy to infinity :)

Musclelover replied...
Thank you ;)

from Adam95 [35] on 26 January 2015

He's very sexy like heaven! <3<3<3

Musclelover replied...
Thank you! :)

from BBworship [23] on 12 January 2015

Just so you know how fine this guy is I had a repeat meeting on my last visit to Paris at the end of Sept, '14. He's grown, fine tuning and so damn seductive with super fine gluts. Smart, classy and just thinking of him lying in bed face down makes me want to ......well you know. Enjoy, you will.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much! Next Time I Will be even bigger! See you soon!

from Blackcatlover [5] on 11 March 2014


Musclelover replied...

from Marsoulan [135] on 2 February 2014

Un très beau mec, passionné par le muscle, gentil et bien élevé, mais plein de fantasmes aussi. Il a besoin de support financier. Contactez-le et appréciez-le .

Musclelover replied...
Merci beaucoup! À trés bientot!

from Sweetadam [5] on 9 January 2014

Hi you are so sexy

Musclelover replied...
Hello! Thank you!

from BBworship [23] on 7 January 2014

Just had a meet-up and the young man is everything and more. Beautiful, classical physique on the way to growing larger. The most amazing gluts! Had dinner and a session. He's not only handsome but a great conversationalist. He also loves muscle so knows what worship is all about and eager to please. I'll be following this young man on skype and future visits to Paris.

Musclelover replied...
Can't wait for the next time! Thank you very much for your kindness and support.

from jaymanlb [490] on 26 November 2013

This is one of the best cam show performers ever. No, he is not the biggest muscle man, but he knows how to flex and engage with his cam fans so well. He is a beautiful man, who has one of the most prominent V shapes I have ever seen... he is very interactive and talks a lot... which I love. He has a very bright sense of humour and is a really nice person. Very stylish, fashionable, and HOT.

Musclelover replied...
Wow, that are some very Nice words, Thank you very much! See you soon!

from ilovemuscles [5] on 18 October 2013

I want you so yummy.

Musclelover replied...

from elmc2 [90] on 14 October 2013

I have had 2-3 shows with this guy and agree with what everyone else says. He is amazing. Beautiful body, great show and very attentive to what I need and want to see. I have had a great ending each time. Muscle Lover is quickly becuming my favorite. - burlgoat62 on skype

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much! Trying to do my best to satisfy my fans! Glad you like my shows! See you soon!

from garsbuffoon [135] on 14 October 2013

I had very good time with this guy. He aims to please and he enjoys every part of it. For sure, I will come back.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks â lot! Yes, i love to please and show off my big growing muscles ;) see you soon!

from Libert [635] on 7 October 2013

This guy is just amazing, a big fitness bod with defined muscle, big shoulders, amazing pecs
Very polite, and he want to be satified.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much for your kind words and support! Hope to see you soon!

from FlexLover [60] on 5 October 2013

One word - AMAZING.

This guy loves muscles - he's a muscle fan himself - so you know right away that his shows are going to put on a good show.

He's friendly, cocky in a sexy way, ridiculously handsome, and most important, boy does he know how to flex.

100% recommended.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks a lot! Such a nice review. Glad you like my shows as I do like to flex. See you soon!

from tomc198 [948] on 5 October 2013

Just had a great show! He really likes to flex and show off.

Musclelover replied...
Yes I do ;) always up to show off and flex! Thanks â lost for you support!

from darkvoid87x [5] on 1 October 2013

Very nice. Definitely cares about pleasing his audience. I know I was.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks a lot. Pleasing muscles fans is my goal :) see you soon!

from Walter Pazzi [588] on 30 September 2013

Amazing and kind guy...... he flexed all time for my pleasure. He knows as make happy clients.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks! Always a pleasure to satisfy my fans :) See you soon!

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Age 27
Height 173cm (5'8")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mixed


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