Tony D

The Super Mega Deity!

1985, 169cm (5'7"), 74kg (163 lbs)

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The Super Mega Deity!


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About me

young,ripped,buff,and cocky
what more can you ask for?!?!

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from Metgot [1390] on 8 January 2021

If you’re looking for some serious bicep peaks.... check Tony D out!!!

Always delivers and makes amazing videos!

He’s one of my go to guys for biceps!!!

from Albeit89 [385] on 19 May 2020

Wow, just wow! This guy is amazing, so dominant and commanding that you just want to do what he says no matter what! He is also such a great guy to talk to while I was requesting my custom. When I did get the video, it was even better than I could've expected! I'm sure I'll be back for more of him and all of his huge muscles.

from oilboy4u [1005] on 15 April 2020

Over the years I have bought more than 50, yep 50, custom vids from my alpha god Tony. All have been fair priced, delivered on time, and made to order with him tossing in a few ad lib things. He has never disappointed and so fun, easy and worth chatting with. Had the quarantine hornies the other day, and needed a vid fix. Tony happened to be on line so we discussed a new vid. There are alway a couple standard requirements in my vids, and I forgot to write them in script..maybe was the Well Tony called me out on leaving out those details and said "don't worry, I got ya". Don't know where he found the energy, because he was doing several show that night, but damn if this wasn't the best vid he has ever done for me. He has gained more muscle and remains ripped to the bone. Plus I got the video few hours into the night after I ordered it. Dude has never let me down. Sadly, I don't know a scene for me to give him that could top this last one.....but I am sure Tony will figure it out! LOL!!!

Tony D replied...

from newrobb [146] on 9 April 2020

Tony D used to be my regular bicep Master. I am a bicep worshiper. I have an intense fetish for a particular type of bicep (shape/size/definition/etc.). i am very specific when it comes to the bicep. Tony satisfied me. although i was able to hear him during our Skype shows, he wasn't (or didn't allow me to talk to him), which i find disappointing and frustrating- because i like to be verbal in my admiration and worship. so i stopped sessions with him. plus he was too expensive. but he was very arrogant and a true Str8, Alpha, Dom, Master. a real nasty attitude, abusive and such- which i liked. so i'd highly recommend him. he never ripped me off. he is word is good.

Tony D replied...
You are high all the time you come to me. You ask for different prices ALL the time and also more time. Legit you are just trying to see more and not pay. Simple as that. REAL ALPHA MUSCLE costs $$$. I have MANY worshipers and you just wish you can be invited back into my MUSCLE KINGDOM. Hence why you messaged me today saying how much you miss me. What a sad thing you are.

from newrobb [146] on 7 January 2020

I’ve been having Skype sessions with T.D. bc I like hardcore bicep domination. He really knows how to gv me what I need. He is a true Alpha Bicep KING. Can’t get enough. Hail! He has never ripped me off. The absolute best biceps.

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Age 1985
Height 169cm (5'7")
Weight 74kg (163 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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