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The Ultimate Alpha Male

25, 180cm (5'11"), 96kg (211 lbs)

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Ultimate God has 14 reviews.

from KevCrushed [117] on 7 October 2018

UG is awesome. Every custom video is better than the one before. It’s great to watch him get bigger!

from craneit [5] on 30 September 2018

MasterUltimateGod makes me feel really owned and submitted. He is a real straight man, and he is really beyond the muscled simple guy around here.
Never met a Man like him, He is a God that knows how to use His toy slaves

from littlelunch [4464] on 9 August 2018

I found MUG through another alpha and I purchased a few premade videos along with a custom. He was prosfessional and ozzing alpha with my video in the inbox within a few hours.
I have since found his BestFlex profile and looked back over the reviews, of course he may be to intense for some people, but isn’t that the point of asking straight guys to do these videos?
I found him to be very willing to cater to my oddball tastes and he made a superb first custom for me. There will be more.
Oh and looking at the premades, there’s no repressed gay man there, just a thoroughbred horny muscular str8 guy that loves the ladies and is good enough to let us take a peek too.

from Lyon23 [30] on 4 August 2018

Just to add to review because I can't modify it. Ultimate god, unlike a lot of these gods, doesn't keep you waiting for 30 minutes before he comes on. He's on cam training you to be a loyal servent within 1 to 5 minutes of payment. He can be severe but he's honest.

from Lyon23 [30] on 3 August 2018

There aren't enough stars for this true alpha god. He turns on the cam, you quickly understand what alpha means. He has a keen understanding of what a worshiping queer needs, knows how to dose his power, and can get you off in a minute or 10 depending on how he feels.He can make you beg for him to use you. I saw a video of him with a girl: a mountain of ripped muscle, effortlessly pleasuring himself, as he uses her, takes her to heaven, he flexes for his audience. HE IS PERFECTION. You can't miss with him.

from dumbfag64 [70] on 27 July 2018

The best God this fag has every had the honor of serving. He is engaged and truly loves using fags. All fags need to have the pleasure of serving such a man.

from Rimiko58 [560] on 3 July 2018

I ordered a video and was told that I would receive it within 24 hours...that was five days ago. A lot of excuses. Would NOT recommend this guy.

Ultimate God replied...
He ended up getting his video. I was busy.

from KevCrushed [117] on 3 April 2018

He continues to provide great service. He listens, gets what I want, and delivers as promised. Thanks again UG!

from youp555 [310] on 30 March 2018

I had a good experience with this guy. Yea, he is branding himself as an alpha, but that's a reasonable fetish people have. With me, he was attentive and wanted to put on a good show. He did an awesome role play for me and was completely honest. I think it's a bit unfair to go after him for the branding when he's honest and tailors the show to his customers.

from alain6901 [1689] on 19 March 2018

Haha you did not ban me from anything.
I'm just commenting your homophobic crap.
You are a very miserable person.

from KevCrushed [117] on 17 March 2018

My experience with UG has been great! Engaged him to create custom video and have no complaints :)

Ultimate God replied...
Thanks for the review, Glad you enjoyed your experience.

from alain6901 [1689] on 11 March 2018

I love the way he can answer my comment without logging onto thebestflex ;)
I posted my comment on 4th March, last time he was online is 3rd March, haha
I'm not a violent person but I do believe that repressed gays should be bashed too ;)

Ultimate God replied...
This guys mad because I banned him from Elite Alphas lmao.

from gayfagaud [123] on 6 March 2018

Just had a show now. Love the muscle, and advised my UltimateGod about my needs. Took on board and gave some of his own. Not an issue, and a super hot alpha who deserves everyone's money. I'm a fan now

Ultimate God replied...
Thank you for your review, glad you enjoyed your experience.

from alain6901 [1689] on 4 March 2018

The guy is quite good-looking.
But his homophobic insults are pathetic.
Obviously he has a major problem with his own identity.
Surely another repressed gay that gets angry with what he fears.

Ultimate God replied...
I also do fagbashing cams and mix clients up. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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Age 25
Height 180cm (5'11")
Weight 96kg (211 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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