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25yo IFBB ELITE PRO Bodybuilder

25, 178cm (5'10"), 124kg (273 lbs)

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Zeecko has 46 reviews.

from aikane1 [295] on 23 May 2020

I chatted with this guy (Pavel) and he was a angry hateful homophobe.

from growinmusc [6542] on 10 May 2020

I just had custom video experience - he is incredibly quick to respond and very helpful in developing content - within video and himself as content, it’d be difficult to have poor experience!! Strongly recommend!!

from builtim [202] on 15 January 2020


oh man, so big, so beautiful. If you want a real bodybuilder and won't settle for less. Zeecko is your man!

from Ceebrupt [15] on 17 November 2019

Got a great custom vid from him delivered very quickly, showed off his incredible physique very well!

from Musclelover11 [1126] on 9 June 2019


Love this man. He is a beast and make me feel even smaller whenever he flex that legs or crazy biceps. I recommend

from unknown3432 [660] on 12 May 2019

Easily the biggest guy on this site. Still has amazing definition. Ordered a custom video and it was absolutely amazing.

from Massininssa [592] on 23 March 2019

This God is the most huge beautifull thing I've ever seen. I bought à video of him... Wanna help you to be more huge even... And see how it goes...
A worshipper from Paris.

from harlanny [8281] on 12 February 2019

I continue to get his videos many many times a year, and have for several years. He is honest, has one of the best most muscular defined physiques that you will ever see, does what he says, and is a nice respectful guy. If you are spending a lot of cash and not happy, purchase some videos from him, I guarantee that you can't possibly be disappointed.

from frenchmuscleworshipper [20] on 1 January 2019

I did a cam show with Zeecko.

I have to say Zeecko is physically amazing. But the show was way too expensive for what it was. No talk, not any kind of sympathy for the worshipper that I am (I was complimenting). Though he looked hot (who would deny it ?), he was acting very cold...

from pecslicker [230] on 20 December 2018

i had i quick show with him and damn is HUGEEEE! probably the biggest i have seen, but he is also hard and veiny, and he is one of the nicest guys.
I totally suggest everybody to buy at least a short show, i surely will buy more.

from RecentlyDerezzed5 [570] on 23 November 2018

He has to be the biggest guy here. His camera quality is amazing.

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 21 November 2018

Just received the 3rd of some of the HOTTEST CUSTOM vids EVER!!! OMG! Zeecko is AMAZING!

from beefy4muscle [2550] on 2 November 2018

Totally HUGE..Totally HOT CUSTOM vids! Totally quick and reliable!!!

from harlanny [8281] on 16 October 2018

This man is the standard to judge all others from. His physique is impeccable, huge but still defined, vascular, mesmerizing, larger than life. He is honest, always delivers great videos on a timely basis. I have been purchasing from him for several years and he has never disappointed me.

from jeromeroundu2 [3675] on 26 April 2018



from harlanny [8281] on 21 February 2018

I've purchased many videos from him over several years and many purchases. He has a world class physique, is honest, and responsive. He is outstanding both in the product he delivers and his integrity.

from djmuscleflex [16800] on 19 February 2018


That Man is HUGE. He did me a good Custom video with extreme close ups of his biceps, forearms and chest. He is a HUGE Man. Looks Awesome. LOVED THE VIDEO.

from tytopez [95] on 7 February 2018

I just love to worship him, his evolution is fantastic.

from djmuscleflex [16800] on 5 February 2018


That man is HUGE. I mean HUGE. He gave me exactly what I wanted in my video. Close up shots of his Hugeness. I just can't comprehend the sheer size of him until now. Very Very nice to work with. He certainly delivered what I aksed for. !!!! He is a keeper for requesting custom Videos from. Will be doing another one shortly !!!!!

from musclesplz [190] on 31 December 2017


Ordered a custom video and his physique is amazing; highly recommend!

from gioweb21 [65] on 12 December 2017

Zeecko is probably in his best shape ever!!! He's bigger than ever, awesome propostions and massive muscles from toe to head. I really recommend his private webcam show. Every single cent is worth to watch him flexing massive muscles!!!! He's really the next big thing in bodybuilding world!!!

from boags [215] on 1 November 2017


Absolute mass monster, but genuine and easy to talk with

from Alcave [685] on 2 October 2017

A very serious guy and a really great body.

from thetallg [758] on 9 August 2017

Still pretty ripped. insane big body that is hard to resist.

from danvio [55] on 30 June 2017

If you want a real competitive built mass muscle bull, then this is where you go, he looks incredible for his age.
Looks amazing and proportionate in all parts, I also think he has a very handsome face (love that facial hair he has going).
A proper poser.
Cam quality and lighting were great (unlike some models I've done shows with ...).

Not necessarily negative, but perhaps as information for those who care:
He didn't use a microphone (maybe he will depending on time or whatever, who knows) and he's definitely a clock watcher, abruptly hung up at exactly 10 min (however, when I told him I was so close to finishing, he gave me another minute, so that makes up for this, but still think perhaps he should be slightly less abrupt about it, maybe ask if the other is finished and making proper closure).

Will definitely do another one with Zeecko. :)

from DBs [16844] on 26 November 2016


from Elmo [5] on 15 November 2016

your so sexy 10 out of 10

from jngrand93 [305] on 27 October 2016

Very patient and easy to work with. Plus he's ripped and has great muscle control. Highly recommend him!

from tbear2001 [395] on 6 September 2016

What can I say... he is awesome. I just received my first custom video and it is great. He is huge and in great shape and I can't say enough about how much I like his videos. He responded immediately and was very quick to respond to the custom video request. I will definitely get more custom videos and I encourage all to support him so he can continue to make gains.

from musclehaven [10] on 21 October 2015

I just had a show with this giant and he's amazing!
Huge muscles, great personality, always aiming to please!
Highly recommeded!

from BigAndy [259] on 3 July 2015

WOW. Is all i can say!

from thetallg [758] on 10 June 2015

Big time awesome!!!! love every second of our shows. I have seen him explode in size over the last couple years, help him keep growing!

from Coolmanrico [826] on 3 June 2015

Everything about this guy is huge. It has been a great pleasure watching him sculpted his amazing body. Since my first review I have came back for four more custom videos each following his progress as he grow and rip up for his contest. The last video was three days before his contest and he was as ripped as ever. He came out the overall winner by the way ;). Now is the perfect time to contact him for a show or video.

from wetboy27 [85] on 25 May 2015

Skype show. Very hot! Nice guy. very big. I love the way his veins pop!! Highly recommend him.

from sofladdd99 [130] on 25 May 2015

I had a cam show w/ him 9 days before his next competition. Huge, vascular, ripped. Great show and I caught him in his best shape before contest.

from Alex.14 [470] on 16 May 2015

fantastic body and great poser

from Peter1110.49 [35] on 21 April 2015

Zeecko has the most incredible arms I have ever seen on a man. When he lifts his arm and flexes, especially with the camera looking up at him and he moves his forearm close to his forehead, well there can be no better views of pure muscled power! I mean all the veins and the way his armpits ripple with power. He is the ultimate muscle god and I would give anything to stand in front of him and hold his arms while he flexes like that, I would be aching deep inside and I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off his arms and fingertips out of those massive and beautiful armpits!

from azstar [222] on 3 April 2015

I also got a custom video from, about 30 minutes after I ordered it from him. Not only is he huge and ripped, he is really handsome. I'm going to order another video from him prior to his next competition. I can't imagine how hot he is going to be!

from Coolmanrico [826] on 2 April 2015

Gave me an amazing custom video. This guy is a massive mountain of muscles. His Huge biceps and strong hard chest are all covered in veins giving him a powerful look. He has left me wanting more.

from paul duchai [490] on 5 October 2014

Hello All, This past Oct 3rd had an amazing muscle flexing camshow with Pavel. He has grown immensely with thickness and size since I visited him over a year ago. His posing is on point and I recommend to ask for his trap and gunz pose, to drool over. Flexes with passion and has the confidence and attitude to become a serious challenge to others on the stage of bodybuilding. Laid back and courteous young man that pleases to give you the best in this physique. ....10++++

from msclelover [181] on 19 September 2014

Had an AMAZING show with Zeecko this week. Pumping and flexing those guns with veins popping out everywhere! I'll be back for more very soon.

from JoshC [30] on 2 April 2014

Huge and powerful!

from A [55] on 26 March 2014

Zeecko is HUGE! I got a custom flexing video from him and it was incredible! The guy is massive and he loves to show it off. The price for the custom vid was fair and the video quality was full HD with perfect lighting. He was also very easy to deal with and he delivered the video when promised with no excuses or problems at all. If you're thinking of getting a video or a cam show from this young monster, I'd highly recommend him!

from carolo [5] on 15 January 2014

Come on you are the best

from DBs [16844] on 1 November 2013

Good shows. Always willing to please.

from gamblinbear [588] on 4 October 2013


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Age 25
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 124kg (273 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity Other


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