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to Naughty Bootybuilder on 28 March 2021

Without a doubt the best show I have had with anyone on here. He is amazing, understanding, accomodating and perfect in every way.

The spark and connection I felt with him is out of this world and he went the extra mile to make me enjoy every bit of the show.

I am certainly a long term fan now.. He is the absolute best.

Naughty Bootybuilder replied...
Thanks my new buddy. Talk again very soon.

to Steven C on 22 February 2020

Best Of the best.. I totally worship this Alpha. I just came across his profile last week but I have ordered 3 videos now..

His Biceps, Strength, Striceps, Pecs and Body are Insane.. I just ordered another video yesterday... He always delivers, I can't wait to get my new video from him.

He is a God and My Muscle Hero

to Wayne on 21 October 2019

I just had my first video from Wayne. He is amazingly nice and very easy to deal with and I got my video within 24hours.

The video was outstanding, he is a work of art, sculpted like a Greek god, insane ripped physique and he is also very very handsome. I felt so small, weak and drooled at his pefection and verbal dominance. I will definitely come back for more.

Also please beware of the fake waynestar90. - with a dot. He is a scammer and I almost fell for him. Don't make the mistake of paying a loser who make it a job to scam and catfish others.

to Rich forever on 9 August 2019

Well as you can see he has successfully scammed me. He is now back for more. He replied the last person but can't reply me.

Avoid this guy any chance you can. SCAMMER

to Forbidme on 28 July 2019


Today I had the best live show ever and this is thanks to Marius. This Man is a God, insane physique, great camera positioning and he never run out of ideas.

I am addicted now and already ordered a custom. He is worth every penny.

Forbidme replied...
Glad you enjoyed it! The best is still yet to come!

to Rich forever on 25 July 2019

I don't even know what to say. Rich or Daniel Opoku was so sweet when we met, he did flex check and all was good.

Then we discussed a possible meet up which he agreed to. I paid 150 for a 122 flight but when it was due for him to come he sent me a picture of him at the airport saying they won't allow him travel with a one way ticket. Obviously I believed him, I thought he was different and I still hope I wasn't wrong.

I told him fine, I will send him money for the return flight as well and also pay for any extra charges he will incur. I did, I sent him the money and he was suppose to travel this last Saturday but once again nothing.

I messaged him several times on the build up to that date but he stopped replying when it was just a day before. I went to the airport on Saturday from morning till evening waiting for his arrival but nothing. I messaged him on Skype again but nothing, called his mobile number and it rang but he refused to pick up or call me back.

It's been 5 days since and nothing from him. This is one of my worse experience from any model and nobody should have to go through things like this.

I hope to hear from him as to the reason behind all the ignoring and the taking money and ghosting. If not, suffice it to say Rich or Daniel Opoku is just another scammer.

to Zeecko on 9 June 2019


Love this man. He is a beast and make me feel even smaller whenever he flex that legs or crazy biceps. I recommend

Superman Oiled Up

to Superman Oiled Up featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


You want to know what I like? Everything. Tom is not human, he is just too perfect.

Superman Worship In Your Bed

to Superman Worship In Your Bed featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


I am just speechless. Only Tom makes that possible.

Handsome Hunk In Your Bedroom

to Handsome Hunk In Your Bedroom featuring Ryan James on 7 July 2019


I can't say much. I just hope Ryan notice me as his fan someday.

Ripped Blonde Muscle Hunk

to Ripped Blonde Muscle Hunk featuring Ryan James on 7 July 2019


Wuuuuuu, a perfect specimen of a man.

Oiled Up Muscle Perfection

to Oiled Up Muscle Perfection featuring Ryan James on 7 July 2019


This man. God what you do to my heartbeat is insane.

Shredded Hunk Flexing

to Shredded Hunk Flexing featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


There is no one on here like Tom and never will be. He is so freaking handsome and always in shape. Damn Tom.

Super Shredded Hunk

to Super Shredded Hunk featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


Now I am sure everyone knows I am a Tom H addict. He is god, insane physique, looks like a greek god, very handsome and seductive eyes.

My no1

Bedroom Muscle Worship

to Bedroom Muscle Worship featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


Fuck Tom, I love him. With each video, he finds a way to make my blood rush.

I can't wait for him to upload another. My HERO

Bathroom Flex and Worship

to Bathroom Flex and Worship featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


Here I am again.

Tom H is my king. This video is insane, and I dream of touching Tom's perfect body everyday.

My favorite hands down.

Shredded Muscle Giant

to Shredded Muscle Giant featuring Tom H on 7 July 2019


Tom H is my hero. I fucking adore him. This video is pure class and I wanted to kneel and touch every trace of muscle on him.

Reaching him on Skype has been impossible and he also did not reply my mail. I want a custom from HIM. He is my no1 on bestflex and I can't stop saying that.

Just You And Your Muscle God

to Just You And Your Muscle God featuring Ryan James on 7 July 2019


I am a huge fan of Ryan. He captures me in a way that only 2 other people on bestflex can. Once again masmerising video, perfect physique and handsome.

I hope someday I will be able to order a custom from him or see him on Skype. I will gladly open my wallet.


Holy crap

13 August 2019


Very goodlooking Alpha

13 August 2019


Hunk for days

13 August 2019


Fuck, them veins though

13 August 2019

Tom H

My King

7 July 2019



7 July 2019


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