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After already owning 2 custom videos from this muscle worship legend, I just had my first live show with him, today, because I've always wanted to meet him and talk to him, face to face, and today we made it happen. Joey was dressed and ready to go in his sexiest fitting jeans yet that conformed to his quads and muscle ass perfectly. We did more talking than anything, but I did get to direct Joey a little bit of the flexes I wanted to see. And since his biceps are my favorite, I had him do a lot of showing them off, front and rear poses.

One thing I will tell you is that this legend just gets better with age. He's even more handsome now than he's ever been and his muscle maturity is through the roof. I can only imagine how much better it will look when he hits his 30s, which is still quite a bit away yet.

Joey is one of those kinds of muscle studs that you can't help but be drawn to, and he definitely knows how to use his muscles to make you putty in his hands, because, once again, he doesn't have to make you muscle worship him , because you will want to muscle worship him, willingly, without him even having to ask you. His physique is that intriguing!

Thank you, Joey, for making this live show happen, even though you are really busy, right now, in this time of your life. Your kindness has meant the world to me, and I truly hope that you and I will have the chance to meet one day for a muscle worship session. It'd be really cool! Thanks again for everything and I wish you all the happiness in the world as your successful life continues! God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [654] on 17 Aug 2021

If you are looking for a God to worship he is the only one you should worship! I had a show with him on Skype and he was super pumped, he is the biggest muscle God you can find! He flexed and bounced and shown off all of his massive incredible muscles. Trust me when I say everything about Daniel is massive. And the best fact is that he loves to show off and to flex and he loves to feel his own muscles. For real I've found the best musclegod ever and I will never stop to worship him cause he deserve to be worshipped as much as possible! Guys if you choose home you will be incredibly satisfied even better than you expect!

pecslicker [235] on 15 Jun 2021

Got two customs. Gotta say they were one of the best I’ve gotten! Perfect attitude and a mind boggling body! Thanks!

chompsticks.15 [1920] on 8 Jun 2021

he has removed my comments on his onlyfans pages so others cannot see. Have only gotten one response in two months saying he was now working full time but would eventually get it. Besides that, completely ghosted even though onlyfans and Skype shows that he has read my messages.

Will update or remove when this is resolved. Until then, stay away!

UPDATE 23 May 2021

Update on a refund I've been trying to get on a custom I paid $100 for. I made another skype account and told him I was interested in a show but was worried he would scam me after seeing these reviews. He told me: "People are idiots. It's one guy that made multiple accounts with different emails and left those reviews. He paid me and then asked me to do things in a custom that I told him I did not do."

When I finally told him who I was and that he was lying he stopped responding.

He is still a scammer and a liar, do not trust him!

I have all these conversations screen shot as well for proof, including what I originally asked for in our custom.

UPDATE 1 June 2021

Have continuously tried to reach out regarding a refund he owes me and find that he is still ignoring me.

I can confirm I did send the money to the correct account he provided. I can confirm that I never “asked for anything off limits” that warranted taking my money. All of this is has been screen shot for proof.

He has continued to ignore any messages I’ve sent regarding this topic. If your still interested in getting a show or custom, be smart and pay for it through bestflex so he can’t rip you off.

Wiggy [365] on 5 Jun 2021

Daniel is just plain remarkable. His physique is off the charts, packed with thick rock solid muscle from his traps down to his calves, on top of being one handsome guy. I’ve followed him online for quite awhile and he just gets better and better. The man has a great talent for role play and knows exactly how to inspire our urges to worship every ounce of muscle on him, and there’s a ton of it. I’ve often thought that beneath that cocky, dom, steel personality for show, I think there’s a fun-loving guy who loves the attention and praise guys like you and me can offer.

crushme99 [61] on 2 Jun 2021

I’ve been ordering custom vids from Joey for years and it’s hard to believe but he only gets even better and better! He has the most unbelievably massive muscles, insanely thick veins, and the most incredible muscle control I’ve ever seen! We’ve just made a couple of new custom vids with him showing off his amazing strength as he trains and gets so unbelievably pumped up flexing in between his sets as he gets bigger and more sweaty with each one. Truly a fantasy fulfilled to see this monster of a man in his gym element!!

dcbrit [2760] on 2 Jun 2021

Hes back and bigger than ever. Got 2 videos from him recently and wow his body could not be any better will be back for more.

Darksky23 [130] on 29 May 2021

Holy Crap. It has been a while since I got a custom request from Daniel and he provided me another custom video that absolutely blew the ones he did for me a few years ago away. He has gotten so much bigger. He ABSOLUTELY caters to muscle fans who love to worship big bodybuilders. Daniel has put so much work into his physique and it shows. His attitude with his physique is simply breath taking. I can't get enough of him. He has fun with my scenarios and I see 1st class muscle and attitude. It is a Win Win Situation all around. Very appreciative of his fans !!! Follow him on onlyfans as well.

djmuscleflex [22872] on 25 May 2021

daniel carter replied...
thanks so much! Many more to come and I will blow you Away every time with this body ;)

Verified review

Had a cam show with Daniel today.

Awesome as usual. I've never been disappointed.

The man is getting bigger and better. He's put on some solid pounds of muscle and it looks good on him.

He knows what I like to see and takes the time to make sure what he's doing is what I'm looking for.

We also spent time chatting and catching up. He always takes time to see how I am doing and if everything is ok.

He is the consummate professional, which is why I have several of his videos and he is my first stop if I want a cam show.

xmen123 [214] on 24 May 2021

daniel carter replied...
you are awesome dude thank you so much! lll be seeing you soon;)

Daniel is a MUSCLE GOD!!! So glad he is back and with added SIZE!! I have all his videos and have done Skype shows with him as well. He has the arms, the pecs, boulders for shoulders...the complete package. Can’t wait to watch his newest video with the added size.

WantMuscle [70] on 24 May 2021

Managed to catch Daniel on Thursday for a show - as amazing as ever. He’s in great shape, so easy to deal with and an excellent show to boot. Hopefully not too long before the next one.

msclelover [346] on 24 Oct 2020

Daniel is stunning. From his truly incredible muscular body that is nothing less than that of a Greek god's, to his friendliness and playfulness while on cam, to his goofy smile that melts your heart, Daniel has it all! He is a solid, handsome, and hot guy all around. Purchasing some of his videos from TBF was definitely worth it... and then some. Extremely satisfied customer. I wish nothing but the best of happiness for him!

muscledbody [215] on 21 Aug 2020

He doesnt seem interested, sent him money and never got my purchase.

twinkyboy7 [395] on 4 Aug 2020

paid $100 a month ago for a custom video that I never received. No longer receiving messages on skype, onlyfans, or insta. I've communicated with him before on these and know that I didn't send money to a fake account. Willing to change or remove this rating when something happens.

Wiggy [365] on 18 Jul 2020

Just got another video it's been a while and he delivered. He looks incredible I don't but I think he got bigger his body is still incredible. I don't what else I can add he is the best.

Darksky23 [130] on 26 Sep 2019

Absolutely best experience working with Daniel. His professionalism and attention to my needs were outstanding. Very easy communication and he delivered above and beyond our agreement for a fantasy role play scenario. Highly recommended!

hypnopowerman [905] on 31 Aug 2019

If you've ever wondered, "Is it possible for someone with a perfect body to also be the nicest guy in the world?" with this man, the answer is YES! You won't find someone more kind and muscular. Winner and still champion!

ja8690 [1450] on 15 Aug 2019

He is great, friendly and aesthetically perfect. We hung out, talked muscle, he tried on some jeans for me. he flexed, it was a great time.

builtim [280] on 15 Aug 2019

Awesome body, great role playin, fully alpha macho, great experience.

EthanTK [910] on 13 Aug 2019

keep getting off on this muscle stud

smoker11 [37] on 7 Aug 2019

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