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Big Oiled Up Muscles with Airon

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Just when you thought Airon couldn't get any more impressive, you see his massive muscles bulging out of his hoodie. But that's not all, as he unzips, his massive muscles are right in your face. Then, to truly make your muscle fantasies, he covers his muscles in oil and flexes like a true god.


Arms | Brazilian Beasts | Chest | Oiled muscle


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WOW Airon you have added more dynamic muscle on to your powerful body! Love your strong flexing bringing out every vein in your body to feed those muscles! Nice work.

jackwall [14739] on 5 Oct 2021

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very very good.

bosco123 [2255] on 23 Sep 2021

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This is 10 minutes of raw muscle power.

Airon starts this video off in a hoodie, and it’s not enough to hide the huge muscles underneath. You can see how hard the biceps strain to get out when he flexes them. His massive chest teases you through the open front with its sheer size and mesmerizing power as he bounces his pecs.

His veins are looking awesome right now, and the sheen of oil that he applies makes them stand out even more. His chest and forearms are literally riddled with veins that feed those huge muscles. And you get a front row seat to see it all.

Airon doesn’t get very verbal in his videos, but he says just enough to invite you to experience the totality of his amazing physique. His grunts and growls serve to make this muscle god even hotter.

My favorite moment comes at minute 9:10. It’s Airon at his prime: pure muscle beast, power emanating from every flexed muscle. Definitely a video worth buying!

txparsons2 [3395] on 10 Sep 2021

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