Hairy Muscle Shower featuring Bogdan

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Such a pleasure to witness this popular hairy hunk rub his body with soap and flex in the shower for you.


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from 2cuflex [695] on 30 December 2019

What a handsome Russian bear! Loved the way the water cascaded off his pecs and abs. Next time, it might be better to put the shower head in it's holder and use both hands to caress one's body. If one shows legs, but don't want to show "all", cover up with one hand and let us see the legs flexing in water. Otherwise, great video, great body!

from in2muslmen [12926] on 30 December 2019

Bogdan is surely one of the most ripped sexy men you'll ever see. His entire body is shredded muscular perfection covered by a gorgeous layer of fur that in no way obscures his striations and vascularity. His body is literally like a statue come to life as he's not just muscular but also beautifully so. A shower video with water glistening and running down his body is ideal to lust after such a man, and in this video he's naked the entire time. We can see it all from the back, and his V taper down to his perfectly round muscle ass is breathtaking to behold so luckily we get plenty of back shots. He worked with an adept cameraman too who tantalizingly pulled in closer every time our muscle god faced the camera so not one glimpse of his package, but maybe he'll get over that next time?

Bogdan is so gorgeous that this is a five star video hands down. However, next shower video he should skip washing his hair and lather himself up one or two times more so we can enjoy watching him caress his own sexy bod a bit more. Put down the handheld shower and use both hands to massage and feel your own pecs, arms, abs, shoulders, etc. It would be supremely sexy!

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