Close Up Muscle Perfection 2 featuring ClassicPhysique

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Following the insane demand for his video Close Up video, this young stud has only gone and done it again, but made it bigger and better than before. Watch how his flawless skin huge like a sheet of paper to his shredded muscles. See every striation and look in to his deep blue eyes like never before - you'll feel the pure delight of being in the presence of a muscle god.


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from in2muslmen [7250] on 30 June 2019

Honestly just from the title I knew I would love this video by ClassicPhysique! Bernard also has a few "muscle perfection" videos and they all work because the camera is so close to gorgeous ripped muscle right in our faces. Watch this video on the biggest screen available to see CP's uber gorgeous pecs striated and rippling up close and personal. His nipples and abs are also sexy AF and the more he flexes everything right up close the more lustful I feel to experience his muscular beauty! I wonder if he might ever do a video where he oils his sexy muscles? I love to watch muscle dudes like him caress and oil their own pecs and abs!

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