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Teased By A Muscle God with CockyBoy

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His sexy white sweatshirt can't hide his massive muscles. But he sure can use it to tease you with glimpses of what's underneath. Watch in awe as his pecs bounce and biceps flex under it. Beg for more as he lifts it up and teases you. Enjoy every moment when he's stripped and flexing just for you.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Private flex shows


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Incredible new session from CockyBoy - whether your first or another of many from CockyBoy - this is well worth your time. He's back and in better shape and form than ever. ALL that you know him for and more. Strongly recommend. You'll crave being teased forever more after time with CockyBoy.

growinmusc [6956] on 24 Mar 2019

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