Bedroom Muscle Worship with CockyBoy

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A dream come true for any muscle fan... alone in the bedroom with CockyBoy Alex - a young, huge bodybuilder who loves to show off. After a little posing, he invites you to come closer and grabs your hand so that you can feel just how hard and solid his muscles are. Towering above you, you reach up and try to embrace every inch of his perfect body. This ultimate muscle worship experience will live with you forever.


Abs | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Hairy | Legs | Muscle worship | Private flex shows


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Incredible as always - never go wrong with CockyBoy!!

growinmusc [7266] on 28 Feb 2019

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Cockyboy is super hot in this video! So lean and vascular in his arms and abs! I am so envious of that hand that gets to directly experience such a muscle dream come true as Cockyboy's massive pecs and shoulders get lustily caressed! Well done!

in2muslmen [19735] on 27 Jun 2018

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