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Shredded Mirror Flexing featuring Kane

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That moment when a hunk sees himself in the mirror and can't help but flex! Kane is super shredded and has found the perfect full length mirror to flex in! Tonnes of quads and leg flexing and an overall beautifully tanned physique.


Abs | Back | Legs | Private flex shows |


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from in2muslmen [7914] on 9 June 2019

Kane is so effing lean, vascular and sexy in this video! This video would seem to be from a few year's back before our muscle god's beard grew in so thick hence the bargain price perhaps? Still, it's excellent value for the money. I love how it starts off focused on Kane's ripped thighs while he's wearing a zip up jacket. Then he slowly reveals the muscle prize underneath his jacket as he traces and caresses his pecs, abs, and obliques. I always find it beyond sexy when a muscle god sexily touches his own muscles! Kane is seemingly mesmerized seeing his near perfect physique reflected back to him and what I love is that while he's looking at his hot bod from the front, the video is filmed in such a way that we can fully appreciate his sexy back and muscle ass! He's gorgeous head to toe and front to back!

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Price $19.99
Duration 10:50
File Size 490MB
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Resolution 1920*1080
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