High School Alpha featuring MuscleGod11

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Arriving home after class, this high school alpha tells you about the fun he had dominating his teacher. With just a flex of his bicep and a wink at the teacher, he knew he had him under his complete control. The teacher couldn't help himself. But the alpha student didn't mind, he just gave the orders and the teacher obeyed. This is a true alpha domination fantasy.


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from musclefan1 [1730] on 12 February 2018

Wow, yeah man I like his cocky talk in this video and how he dominating his teacher. MuscleGod11 is a true Alpha male. I hope he getting more muscular in the future and be more Alpha. Never seen so hot dominating guy before. I want to be his muscle slave and obey him and admire his muscles. This guy needs to be worshipped.

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