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Hulk Out Domination featuring Muscular Titan

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Muscle Gods don't come any more perfect than this. The skin tight shirt stretched to the max over his bulging muscles. He's shredded, with veins popping everywhere. And his aesthetic shape will leave you speechless. Watch as his destroys the shirt, hulking out of it and showing you his perfect physique. Stare up at your new master in awe of his physical superiority. This is a video of truly epic proportions.


Abs | Arms | Back | Cam shows | Chest | Cocky | Giant | Legs | Shirt ripping |


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from Will8 [980] on 1 February 2019

OMG! Truly a muscle lovers fantasy MUSCLESTUD! Which one of us hasn't fantasized having a beautifully muscled man like Titan showing off his MUSCLES for us? I get excited every time I see those arms! And legs, and pecs, and everything in between! Absolutly amazing vascularity. Those close up shots of vein popping rock hard muscle are such a turn on! I really love the MUSCLES Titan treats us to. One of my favorite shots is when Titan has that torn t shirt down over his huge muscular arms and his muscled pecs are exposed. It's so sexy! And then he starts hulking out and you can see his arms and pec MUSCLES explode with power is just too awesome! The bent over lat spread, the sight of his muscled physique looking up past those veiny rock hard thighs and seeing all those MUSCLES is beyond description. I wish Titan would show off his MUSCLES while showing of his hard cock as well.

from in2muslmen [7030] on 12 May 2018

This dude is so beautifully muscular AND handsome that he is just pure fantasy come to life! He knows his body's sexiest aspects so well and the muscular display of his upper body and his legs is beyond compare! He knows how to flare his lats for the ultimate kill shot and when he positions the camera for the upshot of his mountainous pecs it's almost too much to lust after! One of THE BestFlexers on here!

from harlanny [5786] on 22 February 2018

This video shows razor sharp conditioning and amazing vascularity. His body has become like a fine wine, getting better with each new shared experience. If he'd let his body hair grow out just a bit it would even be hotter!

from growinmusc [4918] on 11 February 2018

Just a couple of simple words to describe this video. Incredibly intense, hot, powerful display. IF you think you'd like at all, purchase this video, you'll not be disappointed! Strong recommend.

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