Beautiful Muscle Stud with Ryan James

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Ryan truly has it all. His huge bulging muscles might grab your attention, but it's his head-to-toe perfection that'll keep you hooked.


Abs | Arms | Private flex shows


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Ryan is so very hot, but this video leaves you with wanting something more. And not in a good way. First, he doesn't take his shirt off until almost 6 minutes in. (Apparently that is something he does in many of his videos.) Secondly, he doesn't flex enough. He mainly stands there sort of posing but not really. The poses he does do are too quick and the camera moves too close. I'm glad I bought this on sale.

GagaLoo [1700] on 25 Sep 2021

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Very nice man ! I follow him since his first video. Lovely huge V back. I recommend :)

pujol31 [8995] on 1 Aug 2021

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Another Ryan video, another purchase and 5 stars from me. Always happy to add more videos of his to my collection!

nsmith987 [1710] on 22 Jul 2021

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