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Shredded Hunk Flexing with Samp

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Filmed right after his last competition, Samp is big and shredded - the perfect combination! As he fills your screen with muscle, you'll want to reach out and feel his awesome physique.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows


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Samp looks very impressive here -- ripped and shredded -- with beautiful bicep peaks. I especially love when he stands close enough to the camera to show the hair on his chest and abs!

musclepup [6430] on 18 Nov 2020

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The BEST classic bodybuilder on TBF P E R I O D!!! This vid of Samp is nothing but incredible classic physique flexing! Dudes bicep PeAkS are split and toned to shit! Incredible: lines, muscle separation, lines and striations.... Vascularity is badass too!!!!

jeromeroundu2 [6145] on 4 Aug 2020

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