Crushed By Your Muscle God 1 with Steven C

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Get ready to experience the immense power of Steven C as he grabs hold of you and crushes you with his massive muscles. You have no chance of escape. 15 minutes of non-stop power.




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For me, this began a nice run of videos from this muscle god. Being trapped in the merciless embrace of this alpha muscle beast. Being dominated and knocked out in a series of holds. Face buried in the side of his massive solid chest. Head being crushed in the vice like grip of his legs. Ending with a rear naked choke hold. Humiliating trash talk all the way through.

tiki3012 [20928] on 26 Mar 2023

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This man has dramatically improved his physique and his content. What a great way to show off his intensity!

harlanny [20625] on 16 Jul 2019

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