Ride With Your Muscle God featuring Steven C

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You often say "hi" to Steven at the gym. Your heart flutters a bit every time he smiles back. So today, when he offered you a ride home, you weren't going to miss the opportunity to be in the car with the man of your dreams. Little did you know that Steven had much bigger plans. He's a god and he knows it. He also knows that you lust after every inch of his muscular body. So once he's got you in his car, the Muscle God reality is unleashed. His massive arms and huge chest take your breath away. Then, as he takes hold of you and pulls you closer, you do what any worshipper would, and enjoy admiring his muscles for as long as you possibly can.


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from jackwall [7941] on 11 June 2020

Impressive first video taking us on a trip through his muscular upper body!!

from sebim94 [170] on 1 April 2020

The title has "ride" in it and so does the description. I was really expecting to see him driving shirtless, revving the engine and shifting gears with all those nicely pumped up muscles. Nonetheless, his body is perfect.

from M2102 [300] on 6 March 2019

The description says 'touching, kissing and licking his muscles' but there is no such thing in the video. A bit of disappointment. The guy looks gorgeous though.

from ravusterra [880] on 26 February 2019

I only recently found him on youtube but can't get enough of his style and to find him on here a few days later, very happy. Ditto to what growingmusc says about
getting more videos sooner.
Very grateful.

from growinmusc [6681] on 26 February 2019

I'm very pleased to see him on TheBestFlex. I've followed for a while on youtube etc - he's incredible and I look forward to so much more from him in the future as he continues his unique level/type of muscle gains, growth, and well deserved muscle ego, attitude, confidence, cockiness. More soon please!!

You'll love this video and be ready for more the first time you see and experince!

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