Perfect Muscle Oiled with Alex J

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Fresh from teasing us in and out of his compression top, this sexy young fitness star is back- and now there’s oil involved! Alex’s upper body is literally perfect and utterly flawless in its size, shape and symmetry. Beautiful, aesthetic and ripped young muscle under silky smooth skin. The oil enhances every groove and cut, so much so that you wonder if handsome Alex is actually real or perhaps an AI muscleboy invented purely for us to lust over and worship! We are glad to confirm he is real, and long may he continue tantalising us with content like this!


Abs | Arms | Chest | Oiled muscle


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The very first seconds are Alex oiling up his perfect muscles with the sound to match the visuals. You won’t have much longer to last from there. Enjoy!

AlwaysMirin [3535] on 28 Apr 2024

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