Bedroom Oil Up with Alexandro

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Caution: oil spill!! Alexandro looks better than ever on the bed in his underwear, his glorious body on full display. Muscle upon muscle upon muscle abounds with this hunk, begging the question once again as to whether he’s actually real, or an AI creation designed to delight and tantalise us fans! As if those stunning, round, aesthetic and shredded muscles were not enough on their own, Alexandro drenches himself in oil for our viewing pleasure, and we mean drenches! He doesn’t spare on the oil or worry about getting it on his underwear or sheets, just pours and pours it over his magnificent frame for our delight! Shooting sexy looks into the camera, we hope the stunner is enjoying our undivided attention almost as much as we love giving it. If only we could be in that bedroom and be the ones smothering that perfect body with oil ourselves!


Arms | Chest | Oiled muscle


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In his many videos, Alexandro knows and appreciates full well the seductive power of oil dousing his stupendous muscle bod. Right from the beginning here he saturates his upper body with so much oil and then spends the rest of the video rubbing it in and caressing his uber sexy self, driving us wild with the display of his incredible muscularity. Seriously, the man knows what his best assets are and continuously rubs his mountainous pecs with such big luscious nipples knowing how beautifully they're glistening. His videos take my muscle lust to the next level, especially when he locks his gaze on the camera as if he's putting on the show just for me. I don't typically like bedroom videos as I prefer my muscle gods standing or at least sitting up, but the cameraman captured Alessandro's muscular perfection from so many provocative perspectives, particularly as he lay back flexing his pecs, abs, and arms. Video is emblematic of the best of what TBF offers‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

in2muslmen [31290] on 1 Jan 2024

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