Shredded Stud Jerks Off with Andy Fit

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Prepare yourself for over 16 minutes of the hottest muscle action. Andy is super shredded for his competition, and with a little oil, his physique is going to blow your mind. So big, hard and defined - it's the ultimate muscle worship dream. And that's before he strips naked and jerks off for you too!


Abs | Arms | Chest | Oiled muscle | XXX (18+)


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Andy is a super start, full stop ... Bravo!

mardak [661] on 4 Jan 2024

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Andy makes some of the hottest jerk off videos on TBF IMHO because he gets that it's not just about a dick ejaculating. It's about watching a muscle god take his muscular bod to the heights of sensual pleasure. Andy is easily one of the hottest men on this site and he fkn knows it! Handsome and ripped to perfection with striated pecs, deep cut abs, and peaked biceps, just watching him flex his hot bod is sexy AF. But he also knows that his muscles in motion as he strokes his huge cock is next level! So he's filmed himself at just the right angle to showcase his pecs heaving, abs undulating, and biceps flexing as he reaches a powerful climax that is sexy beyond belief both in the moment and its buildup. Seeing him satisfied with a grin and a bit of a post-coital flex is to bask in the presence of what he knows to be true: that such physical beauty only heightens the sexual realization that we get to experience vicariously. Many thanks, Andy, for sharing this most intimate expression of gratification with us lustful admirers‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

in2muslmen [33670] on 7 Oct 2023

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