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Truly Mighty Pecs with CockyBoy

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Get ready for the pec show of your life! Alex is admiring his pecs in the mirror and invites you to join him. Oiled up, hulking out of his shirt and letting you enjoy these massive slabs of muscle from every angle.


Chest | Oiled muscle


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CockBoy simply has the best pecs. Period. No one else comes close to his beautiful chest. Pec fans should know this man. If they don't then they're missing out.

jt3333_33 [5187] on 1 Dec 2022

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By the end of the video, my tongue was hanging out. I had to clean up the puddle on the floor. This guy is in my head. he makes me so weak. I feel so defeated and humiliated, but then... then... like a loyal piggy, I come back for more. =( Mercy!

obedienceandshame [3305] on 30 Oct 2022

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Ooooh now this is one to relax into... his calm, dominant voice and expert use of oil are stellar... I'd tip the cameraman too if I could !

Romertopf [985] on 26 Oct 2022

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