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to Hungry beast on 12 July 2019

I sent him money and I never heard from him again. He's garbage. Why worship and serve if he doesn't give you the time of day? That's not how this works. Don't waste your time or your money on this piece of trash.

to CockyBoy on 12 June 2019

He never disappoints. When his pecs bounce before you, you know your place in this world is at his feet.

to CockyBoy on 19 May 2019

I ask for humiliating video. He puts me in my place. Euphoria washes over me as my eyes roll back. He crushes my ego, and when he's done with me, I know my place. =( I always come back for more.

to CockyBoy on 19 May 2019


Again, he's put me on my knees begging for mercy.

to CockyBoy on 19 May 2019


No one destroys me better. My tongue hangs out, I get muscle drunk, I sway from side to side. His muscle have no match. This man owns me. ????????????

to CockyBoy on 20 January 2019


He crushed me with this video. He and Sergio teamed up to do a pec dance that slapped my ego until there was nothing left. He made my tongue hang out and my eyes roll back. I was breathless and begging for mercy by the time it was over. He turned my brain mush.

to CockyBoy on 20 January 2019


This king puts me on my knees. He bounces his pecs and my head bounces with them. I swear that I am hypnotized. I can't look away. It's shameful, but I submit... sometimes, against my will. He owns me. =(

to Sergei on 23 July 2018

I couldn't keep track of which muscle bulged out of where. His muscles are so defined that you get lost tracking them with your eyes. The curve of oneuscle just curves flawlessly into the other. It makes you crazy. You want to look away for the sake of sanity but you're too hypnotized to save yourself. This guy is simply incredible. If muscle is your passion, this guy's got the action - amazing.

to CockyBoy on 16 June 2018

Just bought two videos from him. I couldn't get passed the first few minutes without having to hit pause and catch my breath. His customs are even better. He's really kind, too. He has a very positive personality. He's charming off camera and on it. Great guy.

CockyBoy replied...
Haha thanks my friend and such greay videos and amzing fun! Alex xoxo

to Tom H on 16 June 2018

He made a great video. He had great turn around time... very reasonable and he is excellent at what he does. I am ashamed to admit, that I was muscle drunk dizzy with my tongue hanging out while watching the video... literally. His muscles have muscles of their own. He pops and bounces muscles that I didn't know the body had. Take a chance with this guy. You won't be sorry. He'll leave you sweating and begging for more. I'm embarrassing myself here... but it's true. =(

to HornyAlphaBoy on 5 June 2018

This guy popped every muscle that he had into my face. He made me a few videos that destroyed my ego and made me bow down in shame. Panting and heaving, by the time the video ends, I'm on my knees, dizzy, muscle drunk with my tongue out and all. He was very into the details and specifics of everything you ask. He tries his best to make every fantasy come to life and leaves you gravelling and begging for more. Every muscle has a muscle. The guy is shredded with biceps and pecs to bulging - a total 10. I highly recommend him.

to CockyBoy on 19 March 2017

Alwx has dominated me through his videos and Skype. He is a man of perfect symmetry and proportion. His pec flex videos have me calling out for mercy. He leaves me punchdrunk dizzy with my tongue hanging out. It's pathetic. A video should never put a man to shame. Skype him and watch a video. You won't be sorry.

CockyBoy replied...
HAHA great review and happy to make the video for you, cya soon and big muscle hug from me!

Naked Shower Flexing

to Naked Shower Flexing featuring CockyBoy on 27 April 2019


He alwaye delivers. Nobody else comes close.

Oil and Shower

to Oil and Shower featuring Serge Henir on 20 February 2017


I was nearly convulsing. Half way into the video, I was rolling my eyes back and begging the video for mercy. I felt like I had been beat up. Exhausted with my tongue hanging out, panting like a dog, this guy left me punch drunk! His muscles are proportionate and the lighting helps dark shadows envelope his muscles and trace them like a penciled drawing. I rarely write reviews for anything, but he was worth it. This guy owned me hardcore. I made my username after watching this video. ;)