Sunrise with a Muscle God featuring Dorian

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With a beautiful sunrise streaming through the windows, and an incredibly sexy man laying next to you, you know today is going to be amazing.

Dorian is just days away from his competition, so his physique is in the very best shape. The veins are pumped and the biceps and popping.

With the golden sun shining, he looks more angelic than muscular. But either way, you'll be in muscle heaven.


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from beddubi [7679] on 16 July 2018

I just love this video from Dorian, that's shows him flexing in the morning in great physique and in the morning sun as pictured the vascularity is at top. recommended for sure!

from sfo13m [9420] on 7 July 2014

The muscularity and vascularity is awesome. I felt that there could have been more posing, as the close-up of the biceps was fantastic (but alas wayyyy too short).

A contest-ready physique requires attention, showing off all of the striations, veins, and rock-hard muscle in detail and poses held long enough for me to admire the view. Such a video would leave me breathless.

from musclepup [5130] on 6 July 2014

Dorian's in great shape here and his vascularity is amazing. His beard is very sexy -- makes him look like Steve Reeves in the Hercules movies!

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