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Hardcore Shirt Rip with BigXander

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Pushing his HARDCORE series to new levels, Farris returns with a shirt on! But it doesn't last long. After some teasing of what lies beneath, you're treated to a full shirt ripping sequence. But this video gets better - because he doesn't leave anything to the imagination. You get to see everything in full HD detail in this incredible video.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Cocky | Oiled muscle | Shirt ripping


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Farris is as sexy as they come. Such beautiful tanned muscles enhanced with tribal tattoos.

musclefan3 [2560] on 17 Apr 2014

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This guy is just amazing! He is so sexy. Where do you live?! I'll worship you, look after you...anything!!! I love shirt ripping and Farris does it slowly but with ease - OMG, I just love him!! Have you gathered I ike it?! Cheers and happy 2014

jezz1742 [618] on 27 Dec 2013

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