Sexy Shower with Jeff B

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Jeff is looking bigger and better than ever with some incredible mass and definition on that beautiful body! Today it’s time for an intimate shower, and Jeff puts on an incredibly sexy display as the water pours over those big round hairy muscles and the soapy suds create a creamy and exciting lather! Watching Jeff enjoy his steamy shower is sure to get your voyeuristic fantasies racing and the close ups of his soaked and soapy muscles in his skimpy underwear are going to have you exploding!


Abs | Chest | Hairy | Shower


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As Jeff states in the beginning, this is his offseason look .. but what a look it is. You still get all the muscularity and shape we have come to expect from Jeff. There's a little less vascularity but it's replaced by added muscle size. His abs and serratus are well defined when he does ab flexing. We get a peak from time to time of his legs, showing definition and cuts. The pecs are some of the best around. His side chest poses are fantastic! Good quality to the video, nice definition.

rg57 [5207] on 28 Nov 2023

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