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Huge Muscles Tight Shirt featuring Kane

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Make sure you're sitting down to watch the veins pop around his biceps! You don't want the ensuing dizziness to make you fall!

This hunk really does have it all, and to see his shirt and jeans stretching around every inch of his muscles is pure heaven. And at 15 minutes long - there's probably more muscle than you can handle!


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Chest |


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from in2muslmen on 24 March 2015

Kane's amazing body is on display in all of its vascular glory in this video and yet he doesn't even hike his shirt to show off his amazing abs, pecs, and nipples until nine minutes in! He looks like a comic book superhero in a tight shirt that hugs his upper body as he flexes and grunts his way through showing off his beautifully developed arms, chest, lats, and shoulders. Normally I would want the shirt to come off much sooner but Kane's flexing is absolutely on point. It's so wonderful to see such a handsome man show off such a gorgeous physique! Next time I would only want the shirt to come off sooner!

from sfo13m on 16 August 2014

Awesome show--big muscle all over, 3D veins, handsome face, thin skin moving over abs (a favorite of mine). More videos, please :).

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