Perfect Biceps with Lekan

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This video is all about biceps, but we’ll start by saying we’re loving Lekan’s nip slips in his sexy blue vest! Lekan’s arms are incredible - what a find - rock solid, defined baseball biceps, with muscle on muscle and splits on splits, and those peaks, oh those peaks! His triceps are equally huge and those veins and that creamy smooth dark skin is so sexy, and Lekan’s ready to put them on display just for you! He pumps up with resistance bands, making those amazing arms pump and swell even more, and you’ll be a dribbling mess 30 seconds in as you’re mesmerised by his gorgeous guns! Spoiler: try not to cum when he peels his shirt off and reveals THAT torso! Lekan’s relentless tease continues, with the handsome stud flexing his flawless biceps close up to the camera, smiling nonchalantly and demanding you worship them, like you needed further instruction! If his shirt lift didn’t make you shoot, his double bicep pose just might. A must for any bicep fan, lusty Lekan has some serious muscle control as he bounces those peaks right in front of your face! Your tongue will be on the floor and your cock will be dripping if you manage to make it to the end of this video!




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Lekan's biceps look so massive as he shows off their magnificence. Then you consider what a giant of a man he is and it really puts their size into perspective in a truly freaky way! Quite simply amazing!

tiki3012 [20313] on 1 Apr 2024

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Wow! Lekan is the best. Those gorgeous biceps. More please.

flexedbiceplover [13716] on 1 Apr 2024

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