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Watch Me Cum with Leo Banck

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Over 15 minutes with this handsome stud and you get to enjoy his beautiful muscles, his massive hard cock and an incredible cum shot all over his sexy abs and pecs.


Arms | XXX (18+)


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There's just something about Leo, something uber hot and sexy that makes his jerk off videos some of THE best on this site! His orgasms are volcanic, with cum spewing in both volume and trajectory all over his torso and up to his neck. Then he revels in showing off the power of his eruption, flexing and posing his cum-soaked pecs and abs as we marvel at his muscular self in various positions. He knows he's way more potent than most and we get to admire him and acknowledge that obvious fact just after he's proved it once again. I especially erupted myself after he came when he lay back with his abs tensed and pecs flexed so perfectly. His body is so effing hot and I'm glad he keeps making such epic videos.

in2muslmen [28240] on 3 Jun 2022

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Price $29.99
Duration 15:35
File Size 490MB
Format .mp4
Resolution 1920*1080
Nudity Yes