Alpha Step Brother Home From The Gym with Max Wood

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Max might be your younger step brother, but he's already way bigger, way stronger and way more alpha than you'll ever be. He knows his massive muscles and hard cock drive you wild and isn't shy about showing off his pumped up body when he's home from the gym.


All American Hunks | Cocky | XXX (18+)


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Fuck yeah‼️ Max is so alpha and arrogant in this video! From the first thirty seconds (and the preview) when he struts into view with his erection so hard and aiming for the sky I was filled with lust for his total muscle god self. He does some flexing while standing to show off his perfect pecs and deep cut abs with a light layer of fur, his veiny biceps and of course his engorged cock. Then the strokefest begins and we get to see him beat off while standing and then lying down from his own perspective looking down at his hard cock and his huge legs. The whole time he continues the cocky talk boasting about his big beautiful muscles with such deserving pride. I especially appreciated him flexing his quads after he came to remind us of his sheer muscle god perfection‼️💪🏼🔥😛

in2muslmen [31290] on 17 Mar 2023

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Max Wood is absolute perfection and it really shines through in this video. He's verbal, but doesn't sound like he is faking it. I felt like I was actually in his home while he was showing off and jerking off. Very sexy and hot.

rwphx2016 [1980] on 7 Oct 2022

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