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Relax and Shower with Oigan

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You catch a glimpes of this giant muscle beast sleeping at home. You take a few minutes just to stare and watch him sleep.

As he wakes, he lets you follow him in to the bathroom, where he's not shy in showing off his massive muscles, just for you.


Arms | Back | Chest | Shower


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Oigan looks phenomenal in this video. The trouble is he just doesn’t show it off very well. The jaw dropping poses where he actually faces the camera are few and far between. He mainly lounges on a bed and takes a shower seemingly forgetting there’s a camera on him. However this is one of The Best Flex’s oldest videos and artistic direction has greatly improved since these early days.

Thunderbird1 [1510] on 28 Aug 2021

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LOVE this guys size. Totally want to be his little spoon.

tajmo [2102] on 12 Dec 2018

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