Powerful Oil Up and Hulk Out with Super Stas

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Stas' muscles look spectacular, but they're also incredibly powerful. Watch how easily he hulks out of his shirt and busts out of the metal chains. True muscle god power.


Arms | Chest | Oiled muscle | Shirt ripping | Strength


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Stay is nailing another Hulk out video - impressive more and more - please give us more Stas! I love his role playing and how ripped he got!

beddubi [14829] on 25 Dec 2023

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Super Stas lives up to his name in this video showing the tremendous strength contained in his body. Ripping his shirt into tiny pieces then breaking out of a chain wrapped around his arms and chest. With every flex I could not only see he strength but I could feel it too. His vascularity is breath taking!!!!

jackwall [20699] on 4 Jun 2023

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