Oiled Up Shredded Muscle Anatomy with Travis Maverick

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You wondered why Travis was so keen to get you back to his after you'd finished drinking at the bar. It turns out he's totally shredded and he wants to make sure you get to enjoy every inch of his defined muscles. So what better way than to give you a fun anatomy lesson!


All American Hunks


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Keeping an eye out for that follow up lesson with the dimples. Great shape and lesson! Love his attitude!

Vulpania [740] on 17 Jan 2024

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Travis is so full of himself. And why not? His guns, abs and legs are great. This is by far his best video.

Rafe31 [1180] on 9 Aug 2023

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Travis knows what his fans want to see. His shredded physique + oil + cocky talking made this a go-to video for me.

sfo13m [12573] on 9 Apr 2022

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My God this guy is unbelievable! Stunningly handsome and ripped to shreds. Travis knows exactly the effect he has on some people and how to show off and use his body to tease and pleasure. His easy patter and sexy moves suggest he is well versed in turning guys into gibbering and dribbling messes. I can't imagine what it would be like to see him in person. What a stud!

rupert [4440] on 3 Apr 2022

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