Post Workout Arm Show with WhiteKing

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Just when you thought White King couldn’t possibly get any bigger or better, he’s back to treat us to a show post-workout! His stunning biceps are massive year round, but bulge to eye popping levels in his t-shirt straight after his workout session! He flexes those beautiful veiny guns and huge forearms from all angles, before going shirtless to really show them off and give us an ogle at his lovely upper body too! A must for fans of bulging biceps!




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While this is titled "post workout arm show", in reality this video is much more than that. Yes, the arms are the main focus but Whiteking also shows off full body posing ... quads, back, etc.

This was taken shortly after competing so he still has competition level muscularity and vascularity. As he's not on a strict competition diet anymore his muscles are fuller. Great pecs. No shaving so a slight covering of bodyhair, too. I personally really like his thick, vascular forearms, especially when showing them off from the outside as in side chest shots.

Overall, a great video to have.

rg57 [5207] on 1 Jan 2024

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