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to Aaron Jay on 31 December 2019

Aaron did a custom vid for me and it absolutely blew my mind. His body was in great shape despite it being the holiday season; huge arms and pecs, shredded abs, dense thick muscle over his entire body. More than that, he delivered exactly the attitude I was looking for, harnessing his alpha nature while still being friendly and welcoming. He's great to work with and got the video made in great time. I'm already planning my next one. A+++

Aaron Jay replied...
I’m really happy you loved the video and thank you for the kind words! Look forward to making the next one even better :)

to Jack Stacked on 31 March 2018

I managed to meet up with Jay the other week - he's easily the biggest I've ever seen him! Over 160kg of rock solid muscle - I can't believe how he's managed to grow that big body of his even more! This man is truly a titan now - and there's nothing quite like feeling the floorboard shake as his massive form stalks toward you! His sheer alpha male charisma can be overwhelming, but he knows how to put his worshippers at ease. A true muscle god, and a great guy to work with.

to Jack Stacked on 24 February 2018

Jay just keeps getting better and better - he’s defied logic and grown even bigger - this man is at titanic proportions these days. Continent sized pecs, shoulders like plates of armour, mountain peaks for arms and calves bigger than you can comprehend - every bit of him is huge. Plus he’s a good guy and very accommodating.

to EnhancedAdonis on 18 January 2018

A really good lad - easy to deal with, good chat and an amazing physique. Have gotten a few vids from him and been blown away by his body - huge, full muscles, crazy veins, amazing proportions- particularly big fan of his pecs and shoulders! And those arms! The sort of body that gets inside your head and drives you a wee bit crazy, along with a ridiculously handsome face - I’m sort of addicted... Highly recommended.

EnhancedAdonis replied...
ALways an absolute pleasure Ali my friend! You’re a top bloke and here’s to many more years of a very fun filled friendship! Lucky to have such fantastic support!

to Alex on 1 February 2017

Just got a vid off Gaston and he absolutely killed it - handsome, confident, friendly and with a body that would put most superheroes to shame (and one that he is peerless at showing off). A pleasure to deal with and a genuine nice guy, plus one of the best physiques in the game. A++++

Alex replied...
I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write me this nice review. Your support means more than i can say and Ill look forward to reconnecting again soon.

to frazermusclegod on 16 August 2016

Excellent experience dealing with this alpha stud - bought a whole slew of vids and each one was a quality display of Frazer's perfect physique. The perfect combination of muscles and attitude, this specimen has matured from young stud into an alpha muscle god - highly recommended!

frazermusclegod replied...
Thanks Al, Followed me from the beginning! many thanks.

to Jonnylepo on 8 October 2015

A pleasure to deal with, and has an awesome body - he's in competition mode now and totally shredded! Recommended

to Dreamcaster234 on 16 September 2015

A true muscle giant - incredibly handsome, stunningly muscled, totally alpha. Can't get over how huge he is. Great guy to deal with.

to EnhancedAdonis on 3 February 2015

Awesome lad with an awesome bod - a cool guy to chat to and an awesome flexer - highly recommended.

to Roland on 3 July 2014

Roland was really great to deal with - friendly and quick to respond. The vid I got off him was AMAZING - he's built and incredible body and is a master at showing it off - all sorts of posing flexing and tensing - highly recommended!

Roland replied...
Thank you!:)

to Jack Stacked on 23 May 2014

When I was young I had an obsession with He-Man action figures. I'd put them next to my Star Wars figures and marvel at how much bigger, more muscular and powerful they were by comparison. The difference always amazed me - a thigh wider than a waist, a bicep bigger than a head, a calf bigger than an arm. Twenty years later, I have the privilege of standing beside Jay and seeing the same mind boggling comparisons, only this time with me as the smaller example. The guy has the sort of physique you'd only expect to find on superheroes: every muscle bulges and ripples, demonstrating his strength and power. The room literally shakes as he moves around it. His sheer size at such a young age constantly amazes me, and his dedication and drive make me feel faint at the thought of the sort of physique that awaits this young god. On top of all that he's a top bloke who makes you feel completely comfortable in his presence. Many long hours have been spent exploring his physique together, and I can barely wait for the next time!

to Jack Stacked on 25 March 2014

What do you do when the biggest guy you've ever met gets even bigger? What do you say when he shows you the muscles that have grown so much in only a few short months? When he stands over you and flexes a body that's so close to perfection it's scary? When he lets you feel every inch of that body, smiling all the time and revelling in the muscle worship? When he crushes you with his immense weight and laughs as he does it?

If you're me you sit pining away the days, hours and minutes until you can see him again, knowing that the next time he's going to be even more massive, even more stunning, and happy to show it all off for you. Counting down the days...

to Alex on 11 November 2013

Gaston is a really great guy to deal with - friendly and accommodating and eager to show off the results of all his hard work. And what results - his pictures don't do him justice! Awesome arms, amazing pecs and a stupendous set of wheels are just a few of the highlights of this awesome physique! Definitely be getting more off him in future!

Alex replied...
Thanks for the awesome review!! Ill look forward to camming with you more!

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 1 November 2013

Aaron's a great guy to deal with - really friendly and positive and a nice lad to chat with. His bod is out of this world and he's not shy about showing it off - amazingly striated even in his offseason! Can't recommend highly enough!

to Jack Stacked on 26 October 2013

Just caught up with Jay after a couple of months of not being able to see him - he has not wasted the time! The man is looking huger than ever, despite having been prepping for a competition. His legs look as wide as a normal person's body when you see them from the side, his back has grown so large it defies description, and his arms have to be seen to be believed! Amazing progress.

Jay really is an awesome, friendly guy with one of the best bods out there. For a guy that looks like he could tear you in half with ease he's easy to talk to and a pleasure to be around. He deserves your worship like no other! :-)

to Jack Stacked on 8 May 2013

I've just had the privilege of spending an afternoon with Jay, and it was an amazing experience. The man is immense - height, mass, physical presence, all on a scale I simply wasn't prepared for. He's an absolute muscle monster!

Jay's pictures here and elsewhere don't convey how magnificent his physique actually is - he's 100% quality muscle, and boy does he know how to use it! Every pose he hit in my presence exuded power, every muscle perfectly controlled, from his unbelievably huge calves, through to his immense, powerful pecs, on to his massive, peaked biceps. Simply stunning.

Jay was really personable and friendly, and I was completely at ease in his presence. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted from the experience and went out of his way to make it happen. All in all, It was a genuine pleasure spending time with this awesome specimen of humanity.


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